Neuropsychology of Poker - Part 6

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Somnius brings you the fifth episode of Neuropsychology of Poker, titled The Learning Student. He will discuss the importance of studying and give you advice on how to become more effective in learning. The last episode focuses on the importance and psychological effects of money involved in poker.


Neuropsychology of Poker series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Hansshi


    Such a great series. Thank You very much, Sir! Looking forward to more input from you.
  • Shagg


    Anyone playing more than 9 tables won't draw that much conclusions out of this video.
  • TheLastNail


    excellent! keep on doing more.

    @3: anyone playing more than 9tabs cant be srs abt performance poker.
  • dragon1


    a video like a (flavourless) chewing gum
  • IsaacAsimov


    I can't find article #6.
  • zarsky


    #4 +1
  • W4lrusk4ne


    At first i thought the same as #5, "how boring is this". But while I was watching it, I started to caught myself on numerous faults you were talking about like
    - Playing loser when I won a lot,
    - Playing more passive when I'm stuck 2BI's,
    - Hanging on to much to the money I've invested into a pot or my whole cards
    - Anchoring, aiaiai... while i'm playing a session i often open my cassier for 5,10,20,... times just to see how much I already won, aiming for the goal i set for that session, day or month...

    So to conclude, watching this video is EV(+²)³ for my. I will watch it several times just to get the maximum value out of it.

    Great work Ali, supreme effort making this video. Thx

  • SniffvsSnaf


    Please please please dear Somnius - we need more of your content!!!

    How about that sleep topic... I think I should not play poker 2 hours before I go to bed... But how should I react, when I can not sleep (sometimes) - bec. thinking to much about poker - when I run good, bad or in certain situations
  • tryhardnoob


    #4 nanonoko?
  • Linfected


    nice series!good job!
    hope to see more videos,tnx
  • tinoo


    please in german !
  • 1mpr0x


    I don't like the breaks you take while talking (breathing etc) but that's just gimmicks ;). Definitely enjoyed the series!
  • maythany


    "The money you put into a pot isn't yours anymore". Well said sir.
  • helemaalnicks


    I notice that playing at different rooms at the same time helps combat the anchoring. It all becomes such a blurry mess that you don't even want to check it anymore. I now just check all the graphs after I'm done completely.
  • pizdunar


    Incredible series, ofc still very relevant. The narration isn't the best but the information in it is well worth it. I got a lot out of it. Thank you!