SnG $11 User Review: Sirilidion

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Mansion Poker User Session Review

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  • miskokvo


    i love u bro...!!!! im starting playing this SNG ... move up from 5,5$ to 11$ and i have a lot of problems with them... (on mansion) ... im going to enjoy this video
  • miskokvo


    hmm im in middle but is typicaly winners video coz lot of AA,QQ,AK ... yes it is nice to look when u have good cards :) but i think people more learns from mistakes ...
  • miskokvo


    ok end ;) NICE vid
  • sirilidion


    thx for you're comments chenny I learned a lot of them ^^. some very intresting stuff like reasing more out of position, not overlimping suited A, suited connecters and small/medium pairs out of position. And some plays by me I too have no idea what I was thinking :(
  • sirilidion


    btw tou pronouced my name right :)
  • LuborC


    Nice video! It's always good to see any new SNG content.

    It seemed to me like you are playing on a notebook with touchpad! You earned my respect if you do. It's nothing short of a torture IMO!!
  • miskokvo


    you cant even spell poker... :D just kidding .... what is IMO??.... look to my like EMO :D
  • sirilidion


    @ miskokvo: you're not really fear here:
    1. winnervideo? was carddeath a big part of the session.
    2. I did made mistakes where people can learn from but I also played some good poker where also people can learn from. At least I learned from it!
    3. I was so exited that I typed a little too fast at spelled a few words wrong so what I'm Dutch ^^
  • miskokvo


    when i was writing up there i had bad day......
    like i said just kidding :) i very like this vid coz im unable to beat thats sng :) good work .... btw what is IMO?
  • Alexd10


    ^^ In My Opinion
    Nice vid, chenny and sirilidion.
  • mouse89


  • ClayRaver


    Yea i like the vid. Couple of bad plays i thought on the behalf of sir but all in all a not a bad session.
  • 1seednoir1


    yeah I like the vid, cause chenny's talking about mistakes that we all have made at a time or another... different from perfect videos where all he do is comment!!!
  • looserbaby79


    very interesting thx
  • sirilidion


    wow I was terrible back then ^^
  • navigator75


    Thanks very much. I learn't some interesting ways to think on the bubble.
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • arisko


    "We can just assume that all our opponents are sickbad"... Is this really a valid assumption on the 11$SnGs? I don't think so, since I haven't beaten them and I'm probably not SICKBAD :)
  • hewerm


    would be interested to hear current view (given the time since this video was first published) on shoving ranges. I think I heard the recommendation to shove 54s at 10bb from button (pre bubble) and similarly small pairs from CO. At 7bb a small suited gapper from the btn. All of these sound light to me but I may be too tight. Any links to standard advice in this area appreciated..
  • hewerm


    ok found the push charts.
  • chenny8888


    @19: don't shove 54s from the button vs 2 regs or vs 1 reg and 1 loose fish, otherwise it's still fine. pre-ante it's quite close though. small pairs from the CO is always fine to shove. pre-ante OR post ante.

    don't use the push charts, you should be a lot looser from the later positions even in today's micro stakes games.
  • incasent


    Nice video! Thanks !