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  • Skribbles


    Are the red rings you clicking???
    For love of god please tell me you arent trying to get your apm up...
  • harryjj0


    that was a great vid
    really benefited from it
  • punta


    NICE - thanks
  • braziguy


    Very good.

    Is there any other video like that, but using stats?

    Thank you.

  • gorgi0128


    Love it. Where do you study heads up?
  • 1wayman


    thx, i think i will also start with sng's and your help/explanation here is much appreciated :)
  • fun101rockets


    good video
  • bachemSQ


    "both of us have the right to suck out" - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    dude this guy came in the money all four times and won two of them!!
  • Kimber88


    Very nice vid. Learned quite a bit from it.
  • Rowkilla


    Awesome vid, 3rd,3rd,1st,1st is awesome O: wish i had that kind of results
  • gogogoji


    hope to duplicate that kind of game :)
    very good game!!!!
  • Bedoze


    AK UTG with less than 10BB doesn't deserve a shove when you raise 3BB and leave 6BB left?

    Good vid over all.

    I like the shoving ranges and the fact that you analyse the opponets if they are shoving light or being tight.

  • Parasites


    Very nice.It really helped. Thank you and good luck!
  • mouse89


  • underrrworld


    Nice video, it especially helped me to fold atractive looking hands like JTs and small pp in early position. keep it up!
  • SirJono007


    Nice video man. Thanks!
  • msnaar


    hard to cocentrate, very nervous video...4 tables!!!!, mouse flowing about!



    dude thanks a lot
    this video really improved my steal blinds
  • fariomasib


    interesting vid.. not totally agree with the HU plays.
  • hocus11


    very easy to learn ...thank you
  • chenny8888



    AK UTG with less than 10BB doesn't deserve a shove when you raise 3BB and leave 6BB left?

    I don't recall that... and if I did do it, don't do it yourself! "do as I say not as I do", and all. Shove AK with 10BB! :)
  • Orodin


    very interesting vid. ill watch it more often, theres a lot to learn from this. :)
  • Flopsy86


    good video, agree with the comment about taking note on Multitable players, never really thought about that before.

    also crazy heads up on bottom right table near the end of the video, great heads up strategy!
  • Letsdothisish


    Great video, learned a lot from it, but why are you raising 3 BB's instead of 4 according to the article?
  • Isibane


    why does the video stop at 13:09? :(
    it's such a good one i don't wanna miss the rest of it.
  • craguli


    nice video and good results, very nice coaching
  • aeniman


    It's a really great video, thanks man, good job.
  • highsocietypro


    well played i will be doing more ICM study now thanks for the vid!
  • Herosista


    "i like when my oponents drawing dead. Then i am shure that they don't suckout"

    haha xD
  • connect1337


    lol @ that QK vs AA hand in the end :D
  • GFactory


    Definetly a great video! I really learned a lot from it. Congratulations! ^^
  • cjbridle


    very good teacher chenny, thank you for your wisdom sir
  • AceGaylord


    nice one! But could you explain why that Coldcall with KK continued by a all-in, was such a bad play?
    Seemed like a decent play to me?
  • Yoghurt1973


    Nice vid, great accent and dry humor its the nuts, but what ever.

    Quote: "He's quite bad, but that's no problem".
  • Kneggelol


    hey wanted to ask how much profit u make after like 10 stngo´s
  • Rubonz


    great vid, thanks
  • MrStigen


    why do you play push/fold when you are heads up??
  • Koningho


    Hi chenny888 I like ur work. First I thought what kind of name is this haha. But it turns out I can learn alot from you!
  • Hahaownedlolz


    Very good video. very impressed. I don't really agree with all the pushes like with a k-4 offsuit vs the chip leader. you could easily get called and then it would be gg for you.

    IMO your play at the start was very good. but you push to much at the end, If the other person just had a hand only one of those times it would be over unless you get lucky. and you did get lucky a few times like the person who called you with 3-4. seriously wtf? that person was an idiot

    also you went all in with K-2o vs the chipleader while you had 20+ BB left and you could only gain 400 chips.. that is not worth the risk of ending third if you ask me

    a while later with k-4 you did get called and busted while you were 2nd in chips. that was the time you ended third. i think you could have easily become 2nd or even first if you didn't push so much. cause you will get called eventualy, and then you just hope that you have a good hand that time.

    You dont have to go all in to steal blinds either btw. you could easily raise to 3-4BB and if they dont have a hand they would fold to.

    I do have to say your not afraid to take risks and the all in pushes mostly went well and earned you alot of chips. so i think i have to work on that myself and do that kind of play more often. instead of trying to blind steal and then fold to a raise on the flop.

    Very good vid, and ofcourse you must be doing something good if you cashed 3/4 times. But with my horrible luck i doubt i would be as profitable..
  • Hahaownedlolz


    my last comment wasn't that possitive but i think this vid did help me alot. i just played 4 SNG.

    1x 1st, 2x 3rd and once 4th.

    i could have gotten even better but when i tried to push on the flop i got called by just an ace high twice. I probably should push before the flop. But it doesn't matter that much im still up $4 so thats great :) ($1 sng)
  • navigator75


    Many thanks chenny8888 for this video. I hope to take some of these lessons away with me, especially thinking of the range of the other person in the pot. Also appreciated your explanations of why you carried out a certain action. Cheers.
  • DrCheiz


    Одна из лучьших лайв сессий!!
  • Jepons13


    At 22:29 you had AK with less than 10 BB why did you just raise to 3BB and not push it?
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • GoodFake


    15:40 right bottom corner. If dankie would to raraise us what we have to do ? Fold?
  • GoodFake


    22:25 Left Top Corner. Did he played good ? ( sorry for my english )
  • osc389


    nice video, thank you
  • JohnTheGreatest


    +$EV video, nice Chenny!
  • Phoenixix


    very good video ,thank you!
  • arisko


    Great video really. funny comments make it easier to watch also
    "My opponent is drawing ridiculously dead"
  • martoman2k10


    pretty good vid
  • AngryJack7


    Nice video and explanation...aswell play gg :)
  • Angelface21


    #39 says it all..........!