Handhistory Review with somnius - Part 5

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $600 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his series somnius reviews a series of hands our members played. The second half of the series will feature difficult spots played by somnius's students. This format allows in-depth analysis of each situation teaching you all the factors a decision is based on.


hand history review Handhistory Review with somnius series

Comments (4)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • 4Tom4


    nore way!
    fing land!
    ding mark!
    sweff dern!
  • TheLastNail


    sorry, as much as i liked some of ur previous (esp psychology) vids, i have to criticize here: think this vid has rly many big flaws in it:

    1st hand: u keep using phrases on turn like "if i bet here, i must bluff the river and its going to be expensive" - rather than decomposing his RANGE combovise and saying: ok, he is folding AJ 100% of time till R, he is folding JTs how much this is compared to his other range and how much is our risk/reward ratio and feq expectancy. Also and if we make it lucrative for him enough on T, his calling (or even raising - depending on dyna) range will consist of this and that many Axs hands (which u correctly pointed out is 1 of the most common in 4bet pots without dyna) pre- then u just shove.

    Ur equity on turn even vs 2pair is 39% so to say "i dont want to bet to HAVE to fold" is totally incorrent and wrong. Wtf is wrong.. u have to snap w the pot odds ofc. Also, my implication from this, correct me if wrong, but ur betting range is totally polarized here then, which leaves villain having a very profitable c/minr with whole of his bluffrange, esp if u bet so small as inteded on flop (80$- i rly dont like it)

    hand 2:

    again inconsistency in ur logic:

    on turn u say: "there is no reason for him to raise fullh or nutflush given heros tendencies, so this will almost always be a low flush trying to induce OR a bluff (i hope u mention it-if not u should have). Why wouldnt an active plr bluff this T, given u put so much agro dead money to pots as pfa, he just attacks u..

    river: u say: ok, now this is an EASY fold, coz he doesnt vbet anything worse. Ok- thats prolly true. But arent u being a whisker resultoriented? comon, what should he do w his 78 or underpairs who potcontrol/ increase playability on turn and decide on river what to do. I cannnot believe u re assuming some competent mid/high stakes plr doesnt have a bluff range in these spots.

    I am not saying its an instant call, just pointing out ur explanation also here is a lot biased imo.

    3rd hand: nh, but could be a bit more interesting texture, this spot is so notoriously known.
  • Somnius


    Sorry for the late reply.

    TheLastNail thank you for the in-depth thoughts. I have to agree with most of them not my greatest video.

    What I will say, second hand, given my turn analysis which is fine, I like shoving turn. As played folding river is fine. But yeah turn call is a mistake.

    Okay will find more interesting spots.