PLO1K Deep Sessionreview

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first English video Tsubi brings you some PLO Highstakes action. He will focus on postflop play and the importance of bringing your A-game.


PokerStars Session Review Team pokerstrategy

Comments (19)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • suitedeule


  • Vladimir


    Wow, finally!
  • Ratatuj


    We're gonna translate that )
  • simon1989


    Weeeeeee :) Tsubi ;)
  • Harmos9


    I really like that skin! how´d u get it?
  • suitedeule

    #7 ;)
  • joosP


    so u rly think l0ve2playU "isnt good" and not able to think on lvl3?

    srs, that seems rly weird to me...
  • Tsubi


    nah sry it came off kinda wrong, wanted to say smth like
    "with the recent dynamic we had I dont expect him to think on lvl x etc"
    pretty sure he's better than me :)
  • MightySparow


    first 4 minutes ar the most interesting
  • firsttsunami


    great video! i learned a lot although i'm a fish in omaha. looking forward to the next one. :-)
  • tmy


    tip top sound -.-
  • tmy


    8655 fold pre 160% of the time
  • tmy


    ok just peaked some parts in the vid, not the best english and far beyond solid 6 max plo
  • praios


    same oppinion as tmy and love2playu is a retard :) this is the only thing he is right about

    was not able to watch this video to the end


    IMO 8655 and tt96 too marginal to play them even on the button. And why 4-bet and showing KQT9 on the button in position instead of calling 3-bet?
  • Zivilist


    warum kann ich die ersten 4 min nicht sehen???es kommt nur sound und der startbidlschirm bleibt stehen...
  • sommermeer


    @17 #2
  • volanthn


    love2play is going to rebluff a ton imo