Advanced and Unconventional Lines - Part 2

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In his second video YourDoomPoker continues reviewing some complicated highstakes hands. He will show you how to use some out of the box thinking to find the best lines in each situation.


Advanced and Unconventional Lines handreview

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • crameLBON


    well well well
  • krabbenboy88


    QQ: I dont see anybody fold JJ in this szenariao ever. He sqeezes with his super wide range an knows that you can 4 bet bluffing a ton.

    + waht you havent said is, that this call lower your 4bet bluff credability allot when the hand gets to showdown

    13:00 TT is also an easy vlaue shove because all the hands that you mentionend that he calls with on the flop are beat by TT

    Turn raise 65, 33:
    You say that you can rep a monster with that turn raise. But i bet when you have a monster you wil actually flat that because he will bluff the river so many times with his super wide range. and Boom you stay there with nothin.

    Fact is:
    - you raise an opponend on his best Bluffing range card on a board where you should flat all your value range again.

    I cant see anyboydy fold a value hand like JJ here and on the river (and he can easyly shove his turned club draws+ other draws what btw. would throw your sd value bonus out of the window).
    If you are capable of deceptively raising a KJ type hand here because you know that you represend such a narrow and almost non existing value range. you opponend has a harder time to bluffcatch you. But i doubt that you do that.

    On the other hand why should you value raise a monster here ? this would cost you allot money (river bluffs) when you expect him to fold very often.

    Sorry for bad english ;-)
    I hope everything makes sence ;-)
  • matusko


    #3 +1
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey krabbenboy88!

    It's possible that he could, but I disagree that he is likely to 5 bet shove JJ here. Our dynamic has not been very aggressive, and a 4 bet from me here would show a lot of strength. If he took that line w Jacks, it'd be pretty bad by him given that dynamic plus my position in the hand.

    Given the possibility that he could of hit this Jack somehow, I would not overbet shove here w TT as it would now be way too thin and bad.

    With regards to the 65o hand I have to disagree again, I do see the merit in flatting this turn with all of your monsters, but I could also easily raise this turn w trip 4s to protect my hand from an unlikely (but possible) club draw to get maximum value from his strong Kings which now can't get away from and will have to stack off with. Whereas if I slowplayed the turn he'd be more likely to just xC on the river, saving much of his stack.

    The main point is that I love this move bc he has to fold most of his range. JJ is at the TOP of his possible folding range. If you're in this spot w JJ, what's your plan? To call OOP and then check and hope I don't shove the river? A lot of players might just save themselves the trouble.
  • krabbenboy88


    When some one things you make a move then he can easy call and call any river. but i get your point i think i pushed it a little to hard. only very few people will get crazy with nothin when you make this move and even when the ship their turned draws an never fold a K its still enouth FE
  • benedeklevi


    nice video!
  • praios


    their is like no diamond content in thet whole video and yiu are explaing everything very in detail like you are talking to absolute pokernoobs.
  • primorac


    I'm pretty sure, if you ask him nicely, he will produce a great "how to sit-out in high stakes games" video.
  • getbet


    sorry for my english, im from russian community. got a quatiation for last hand with 4bet AQo:
    what are a value\bluff hands that opp 5bet shove? i meen that TT+,AKs,AKo a bit nitty hands and u r thought that his isn't bluff at all. it sims that his's nit and make misstake with unbakance in this spote, but his's reg and why u think so? or TT AK r a bluff hands in his 5bet-shove? sims to be a bit strong and maybe 88 99 AQ r good to be bluffable, rn't they? Then call will be for odds so.
  • getbet


    sorry, they must be a slush between "value, bluff"
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey getbet!

    With our dynamic, and his preflop timing I had a very strong read that Derick wasn't bluffing. Very close to 100% sure he was on pure value only. That's why AQ can be such an easy fold here.

    Yes, he is a very good reg, so he is certainly capable of bluffing there in another spot. I am just pretty certain that he was strong in this case.
  • IronPumper


    nice vid:)

    @65o: for sure +ev, but imo a doublefloat makes here for your perceived range more sense - I agree here with Krabbenboy88.
    But as said, raising the turn is in the vacuum fpr sure very +ev.
  • IronPumper


    What I have forgotten to say:
    I love that you are asking questions to the watchers of your vids - that is imo a very good thing - keep on the good work:)
  • GutsForSale


    Hi,thanks for vid. I just wondering about 56o hand, if flop would be 447ss , and same turn, how would u play your hand? thanks
  • abacaba


    Hi, YourDoomPoker!

    Whitch river cards would you bluff shove @65o?

    Thank you for the vid.
  • abacaba


    * Which
    ** I meant the scenario where Villian called turn raise and checked the river
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks IronPumper,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Guts,

    I've thought about your question and believe that I would play the hand the exact same way. I might be more inclined to raise the flop on a two tone flop, but still prefer call here as I don't want to get 3 bet and waste my draw.

    And the turn raise on the Kc is still the strongest line to take here.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey abacaba,

    A turn call OOP by a good thinking player here would be very strong. At that point I may decide to bluff shove a 3rd club in some cases but would mostly be giving up after getting a free look and missing on the river.

    Vs this player I don't believe that a river shove would be profitable anymore as it'd be strange for him to flat the turn OOP and then check-fold a blank on the river.

    However vs. a different type of player, in a particular spot, if you think a river shove on a blank would be very successful, feel free :D
  • Suiteng


    would you give up on the 65 hand, if the river bricks?
  • Suiteng


    didnt see my question has already been answered above, my bad
  • Sattelite1


    Hi, i just have a question on the hand minute 23 comparing to the previous one. I fully agrre with your analysis and most of the time you´ll get a fold there. I just have some problems wih the pocket 33 what are your actions you´ll get flatted. Are there already certain cards you are planning to shove on or you gie up 100% of the time because you doubt you get the most likely king to fold and your game by the turn raise is already plus EV?? For the SB to BB spot the same with the problem there that a thinking opponent knows also your lighter calling range
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Sattelite1,

    Your analysis is correct. I'm checking back all rivers here (other than a 3) because a bluff at this point vs his range that he flats my turn raise OOP, would be way too thin and usually bad.