Highstakes with any2just4u and phounder

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5000 - $10000
  • Heads-up
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In this special video directly from Portugal nosebleed regular phounder plays against some of the toughest opponents on the highest stakes and Portugese highstakes coach any2just4u reviews his game.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • chris400


    what was the result of the first hand, when villain c/raises the river?
  • vanille85


    the first hand luvtheWNBA didnt raise from utg+1? i guess u made a mistake
  • PontiusGR


    Can´t ps.de bring some good content. This is just another exampke how to adorn yourself with big names, and basically nothing comes along watching that vid.
  • Robie84


  • praios


    complete agree with #4
  • styx528


    diamond content? srsly? lol!
  • IronPumper


    @7: Wieso antwortet der Produzent dort nicht auf Userfragen (ich mein obv. das leatherass-Vid)?
    Das ist doch schon wieder lächerlich, imo.
  • rons


  • IronPumper


    ka, Ps.Com suggeriert immer, dass sie aktives Lernen foerdern, aber ...
  • IronPumper


    ...nur lavern ist auf Dauer etwas wenig.
    Denn in diesem Punkt habt ihr schon 1000-mal Besserung gelobt.
  • Spitzbuben


    and the river is a king. one of thee worst cards that couldve come hahaha
  • chenny8888


    yeah i agree somewhat IronPumper. There aren't actually that many unanswered questions but it'd be nice if leatherass got to answering them
  • chenny8888


    still, leatherass' vid is amazing and i think i learnt something from most of the hands.
  • OnkelHotte


    @Ironpumper: We are heavily chasing Dusty to answer to comments. However he is currently in Vegas and has problems to log in at our site. Sorry for the delay, but we all we can do to answer the comments. In most cases this works and hopefully in this case soon too.
  • OAndiAceO


    agree to #4
  • Huckebein


    Hi guys,

    thanks for your feedback! there was the wish of the community getting to know the diamond producers of other communities, therefore we translated it.

    If you don't appreciate this additional offer, we don't dub them ;)
  • IronPumper


    First of all:
    Sry that I have made my previous comments in German - have forgotten that this is obv. an english vid, in the heat of the moment^^

    Th thing is that you will likely get more out of a vid from a slightly worse player (but also a very good one) who interacts well with users than from a "big Name" (also pretty disputable tbh if Dust is the god of poker).

    I mean when I read this part of your post -" orry for the delay, but we all we can do to answer the comments." - I already know that something is going wrong.

    The thing is that imo interacting with users should be 100% the part of their jobs.
    So it can`t be that you have to hope that they will answering comments and have to do something for it.
    Imo it is just not clear for many of you producers that interacting with user is part of their jobs.

    This is pitty b/c active learning is so important and you much better and effective than passive learing, especially for ppl who are playing higher stakes.

    I rly guess that you think actually not so different regards to this topic when I look at the commentsection of a vid which you have produced -> here you rly are making a great job and are interacting very well with users (bad luck for me that NL is not yours:) )

    I just think that this is a pretty weak point at PS.Com compared to most other coachingsites.
    I know that you are not only a poker-school, but imo you should at least take more care of the content which is produced for higher playing clients...

  • Spanische



    Dont like the last hand were hero bet/call turn with 6o7s. Is true that the range of villain is quite narrow but what Hero is not thinking is as Hero range when callin turn raise looks much as a call and fold (AK,AQ,KJ,AoJs, AoTs, JsQo, JsJo) is there a big chance that villain shoves river bluffing (also the stack sizes are good for a shove) finishing with our plan of blufing river. I think that is a mistake not thinking about the river on this hand. Cause We are just calling for the times that villain chek/fold river, and given our perceiving range and the stack sizes this is not going to happen often enough. Hero had luckboxed on the river, the Q is the best card that could come.

    About the hand of KJ call down on the river I think that is close to a bad call. The range of villain here is not narrow, he still valuebetting all the two pair hand + KQ, AK and that river completes 78 and JQ, so that leaves a lot of hands that value bet river plus not that much hands that bluff.