TwiceT Goes Emirates - Part 5

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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TwiceT continues with his new Userreview series. In episode 5 the focus is switched to Omaha as he reviews a PLO100 session.


PokerStars series TwiceT Goes Emirates User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • wimsi


    i cant enjoy!!!!
  • ever220


    28:40 ^^
  • ever220


    28:25 ^ ^ insane
  • TwiceT


    ahahahhahahaha we just watched the hand in the hotel room and laughed our ass off :D laughing like a pro :D
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    Nice ^^ Well played
  • Gerv


    split this video up please! from 28;25 onwards should be in the fun section hahahaha!
  • Joenaes


    Greetings back to you!
    Nice vid, so happy my game changes quiet a bit since this vid was made :P. Not happy about lots of spots. Not rly any more Q, not too many interesting spots imo :D
  • Joenaes


    Altho maybe in the end 41:58, the KT86, isnt it better to barrel the turn? On lots of rivers we'll have to fold when we check behind T and we dont have too many outs against QT anyways, so we dont mind getting c/r on T. we have a blocker as well so we'll just get less often c/r there. If he calls we can just barrel the R again?
  • TwiceT


    i think checkin back flop is also a decent option. good hand for it & good for balancing and u dont mind giving free cards.

    as played after cbetting, its plr dependent. without any fe vs fish i would check turn and take my freecard. we have a bit of sd value and manyyy outs. vs regs i almost always bet here and bet any river that doesnt pair the board.
  • GtMars


    At 23:17, from the point of view of Bluf_to_Much what is in your opinion the best line to take?

    By the way thx for the video, its always a please to listen your analyses!!
  • LuckOnHoldem


    Might it be that I heard the word "shit" in the beginning of the video a couple of times?
    If yes how comes this guy is allowed to say that?
  • PhiliChilli


  • PhiliChilli


    nice video
  • LooserSR


    12/ lol wtf, are u radical ortodox christian or similar shit ?

    nice vid
  • georgikolev


    Hey TwiceT very good video. You said that you are not a big fan of 3 betting a lot in SH. What do you think is a good 3 bet %?