Sunday Night H.O.R.S.E Tournament - Part 1

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RainManTrail takes us through his first H.O.R.S.E tournament on Full Tilt Poker.


FullTilt HORSE

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Waaaghboss


    What is Full Tilt Poker?
  • Genius91


    a site that existed loooooooooooong time ago *coolface*


    Are you kidding? :)
  • GodBlessYou1


    R.I.P. FTP
  • Saruniks


    2# didn't you hear that this video is couple years old? 0:25
  • Saruniks


    you can say that it is couple years old from 1st hand
  • taschendamenfalter


    thx for the vid rainmantrail!
    so the first HORSE-trny you ever played was a 200$-buyin - shall i try that too?:)
  • RainmanTrail


    I played this tournament on May 28, 2006. So it was a little over 5 years ago. I'm currently working on the video for my second HORSE tourney which was the following week's Sunday Night HORSE on FTP which took place on June 4th, 2006. I hope you guys like it.
  • RainmanTrail


    @8 - While my first HORSE tourney was a $200 buy in, I had been beating mid and high stakes cash games for several years before this tournament. HORSE tournaments haven't been around very long. They are a relatively recent addition to the poker world. I would stick to whatever limits you are comfortable with :)
  • Bjoerniboy


    omnix is feeling happy
    omnix is feeling normal
  • Vladimir


    Great Video again! Rainmantrail, could you please make a Video on Stud Hi HU o HORSE SNG HU?
  • CrazedTulip


    Brilliant play
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Like your video... nice playin... In your next you need to pull out some more of that AAron Bartley Stuff :-D

    Also I would like to have some thoughts about "push and fold" in limit tournaments - to see if I am doin it right :-D
  • RainmanTrail


    @12 Thanks, I may make some HU Stud hi videos in the future, I probably won't do HU HORSE as I think HU videos are best focused on one game at a time. HU Stud Hi can become a game of chicken though. It's all about aggression at the lower limits and its all about metagaming at the higher limits. So it can get tricky to separate strategy for the viewers.
  • RainmanTrail


    @13 thank you
    @14 what do you mean by "push and fold" play in limit tournaments? Could you please elaborate?
  • philosophist


    cool video. Rainman you may make video HU Stud Hi. Why on stud table HU sit only chines player???
  • goxie


    nice video.
    do you give horse coachings as well?
  • callum


    FTP Back in 2 months