SCOOP 300 HU Event with Miikka Anttonen

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $300
  • Heads-up
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MiikaAnttonen talks us through the first part of his Hand history and the thought process behind the decisions made during the HU SCOOP.


hand history review PokerStars Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • LX4DR


  • qnb07


    this is one of the times i wish you could pay to see higher lvl videos.
  • Skring


    Nice vid! Keep it up ;)
  • meedio


    Why is the finnish version on diamond level but this one is platinum?
  • goldchess


    5 stars
  • MiikkaAnttonen


    meedio, I'm not 100% sure but I believe this is because there aren't enough diamond videos in Finnish at the moment. I sent it as platinum to both.

    Glad you guys enjoyed it! :)
  • neelton


    Awesome video, Mika!
  • filipetheman


    on the AQ hand on the AJ9s flop

    i dont think its that crazy to check the turn with QK , since your not gonna check back an Ax that much and your if you have a draw you probably bet cos it looks like he´s giving up. so i think he can show up with KQ on the river.

    and its hard for him to call a raise with anything other then a 7x and theire aren´t that many in his range besided 7x hearts, and even then he might not call your river raise since he doesnt know anything about you and he doesnt know if you turn a made hand into a bluff theire or raise with a missed FD. i actually like just flatting theire
  • baaamoida


    Can´t wait for Part 2
  • Pascal



    the video is easily worth diamond
    but since the Finnish series started earlier and we wanted to make Miikka more known in other communities too we decided to lower the status to platinum for the English version.


  • maxwi


    Excellent thought process, well explained, great video!
  • nostoprob


    this is such a joke, its not j.thaddeus he is playing, as you can see its j.thaddeusfr, who is not up 1.5 million is actually down money on opr. this lad obviously knows this because when he puts j.thaddeus into opr he happends to take off the fr on the screenname.
  • MiikkaAnttonen


    It's 100% him. He had the Pokerstars Team Pro sign with his avatar. I think all pros are [name]FR on .fr, I've seen at least ElkYFR and some others. He's probably down just to a tiny sample size as I don't think he plays a lot on .fr.
  • Bannor


    Really Good Vid. I 5 Stars
  • Schoechi


    when will the 2nd vid come?
  • MiikkaAnttonen


    That you'll have to ask from the PS guys. :)
  • EuanM


    Unfortunately, there will be no second part to conclude this video as Miikka is no longer a video producer at, please find the relevant news link below:
  • zarsky


    Jude Ainsworth is the opponent's name, I think. He's Irish.
  • zarsky


    Excellent vod, too bad part 2 isn't coming
  • zarsky


    Excellent vod, too bad part 2 isn't coming
  • Tim64


    Thanks Mikkaa, great stuff!