Pink Performance - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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TwiceT on the mic with his student vonki, kicking off a new sessionreview series at NL25.


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • EuanM


    We apologise that the video quality is not optimal, but have uploaded the video nonetheless as we believe it would be enjoyable for our community!
  • Oger88


    video shuts down at minute 9? Or is it just me?
  • w34z3l


    +1 video shuts down
  • aghiri


    #3 +1


    me 2
  • EuanM


    Will be fixed shortly, thanks for your patience.
  • EuanM


    There has been an issue during the upload of the video and the data is not complete, it is currently re-uploading and will be released shortly.
  • Gerv


    Hurry hurry I want to watch this :(
  • EuanM


    The corrupt file has been replaced, the video is now working fine. Many thanks for your patience folks!

    Enjoy the video!
  • EuanM


    @9 Should be working perfectly now Gerv!
  • TwiceT


    bad video/audio quality was my fault, so u can flame me :P

    if its too bad, let us know and we wont release part2.

    overall i think its fine, but u guys can judge ;)
  • valo111


    TwiceT,i have very nice videos and i want you to make many videos in feature :),Nice video again :)
  • valo111


    lool sorry TviceT YOU HAVE VERY NICE VIDEOS not mee ;P
  • Saruniks


    it was so anoying to watch video until I realised that vonki is a girl...
  • Zemnieks11


    dont care about qualty, could listen to TwiceT without video.
  • thazar


    greeeat and 1h is not too long at all fully enjoyed
  • yomatiyo


    I love her voice... (L)
  • yomatiyo


    nice vid! and she has a beautifull laught! (Min 52).

    Ok, I am in love now


    great vid, like ALLWAYS whit TwiceT, allways allways intresting conceptos by him.

    Like J4s miniraising preflop (intresting, I will do it),and like abusing of ch/r dry boards (iI have to do it more).

    Btw, we want coments (and picture) of Pink jajaja
  • yomatiyo


    Is there no way that a 25 SH agro monkey (soon 50) player from hispanic comunity, 30-26 28-24 3bet 8-10% sqz 11% agffrc and AF high makes some SR sometime whit TwiceT?.

    Cause I will just LOVE. He makes every single hand intresting. And if there is someway, I will be so happy =P
  • Heffron89


  • kriko92


    Very nice video, can't wait for part 2 :)
  • Omarhawk


    TwiceT's comments compensate more than enough for the technical quality of the vid.
    Love it! Looking forward to the next part.
  • Alverine


    I like it very much. This type of dynamics with limpers and iso raisers is very common at nl25 and nl50, too bad no spot got tricky.

    The hand K6s at SB: BU iso raises the limper. If we know he either calls a lot of our 3bets or 4bets a lot, can we really 3bet? (he still iso pretty wide, but also play back)
    If the situations was the same, but the iso raiser was at CO and we are BU, can we raise pretty much any playable hand like T9o, T6s?

    Ohh, and vonki, what a sweet voice you have :-) solid game too
  • TwiceT


    alverine, yo if u know u get played back (which rly rly is not the case often enough on SSNL, our adaption is to widen our value range and not raise light

    otb, we can take T6s etc, cuz position = powerrrrrrrrrrrr
  • r4zor


    in this vid we can see 1 leak which is very common at lower stakes.

    about the video not alot of interesting stuff buuuut the strategytalk was very very very good :)

    here we can see, that every hand we play, we have to think about more options than 1 or 2. because we can gain so many +EV sitations if we are taking this nonstandard line against this particular player.

    pls make more strategytalks like in this video. i didnt watched the vid at all, i was laying in my bed and heard you talking about strategies... love it!!!

    btw, i prefer sessionreviews over livesessions, because livesession shouldnt be 2 voices in a vid. its hard to follow imo.

    other topic, i agree with the other members.. love her voice xD
  • awishformore


    I'm really wondering about the 22 hand. People get bluffy a lot on NL25/50, so I'm somehow doubting that check/raising on that kind of board with pocket pairs is too profitable. I'll definitely experiment with it, but I'm very skeptical.

    Other than that, I really liked the video; I like how you introduce overbetting as a valid line here, I've recently been adding it a lot to my play on those limits and it seems to work great. Also, checking to induce is something that's very profitable on those limits if you pick the right spots.

    Overall, I'm glad I'm currently implementing so much of the stuff you talk about, it means I'm not completely off the track :D
  • awishformore


    I'm talking about paired boards in the first paragraph by the way ;)
  • Alverine


    @#27: I didnt played almost any NL25, and I dont have huge exp at nl50 to be honest, but from what i seen, its perfectly possible to c/r and get most of the players to fold all broadways and 77-. If you just call you will be faced with a lot of second barrels and sometimes triple barrels. I think calling is only good vs big passive-fish, because they will never bluff you off the hand, and eq wise you are in good shape, buut even at this scenario you can still make a point for c/r because you steal the eq fish has when he folds overcards.

    I kept thinking all day about the hand with board AQXQT, the pot was $4 and you make a point shoving for $9,50. I think at NL50+ this will work really well, but at NL25- people will snap AX sooo often. Ofc he could still have 88-JJ/KK in his range that are folding regardless.
  • gadget51


    Feeling jaded about the game lately, so I watch a TT vid full of incredible insight and enthusiasm and most importantly, having fun! Guess what - inspirational, just inspirational.
    Now I wonder if I can make this work at nl4 :)
  • BrinkyBill


    long videos are fine xD
  • lmrelvas


    Like always very nice video
  • vonki


    Loving all the comments, keep it up!

    Sorry about the poor quality, we'll try to make sure to make part 3 better =)

    Loving all the added strategytalk in the comments! Keep them coming! We aprechiate all the feedback, thanks guys! <3

    Good start of the series, talking about small spots. Will try to get myself into tougher spots next! ;) NL50 to come! :)
  • summermonkey


    "I must click play" @ 52mins. Hahaha.. Thanks TwiceT for the nice video! Good insights into a mindset to beat nl25!
  • bohemiagrove


    The Poker Buddha is here !!!
    Sir If you was dealing with particle physics you would be at the The Large Hadron Collider now helping the newbs.
  • bohemiagrove


    at 22:29 I was shocked to hear my spiritual teacher said"nothing we can do" but then he said exactly what I was thinking that can be done.LoL I am not such a fish player after all:D.I am just good in seen this spots but playn at NL10 makes really usless :D
  • bohemiagrove


    21:29 :(
  • bohemiagrove


    MAKE a 2h video I will watch it twice.
  • Tim64


    y, lots of good stuff here - many thanks.
  • Pocket2Chris


    thx for the great vid. wanna see more of this.

    when do you release part2?
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    very good video, great strategy content. waiting for p2!
  • Letsdothisish


    I agree with everything that's been said here. Very insightful and entertaining! Love the flow and tempo of the vid. Waiting eagerly for part 2, five stars!
  • zaboo


    You were so lovely and you had so great ideas...


    It's for silver and still I enjoyed it more than many diamond vids :)
  • siweq86


    5:20 what do you do if CO make 4bet with normal sizing like 5$?
    24:00 97s why check/push at river? Don't you think he'll propably fold when we check/raise to 5$. We save few BB.
    29:00 AA If you think that he usually don't donkbet set or 2pairs so i understand that we should play raise/broke flop, right?
    43:30 JJ what do you do if you play 2nd barrel, river is complete blank like 2c and rival play
    a) betpot
    b) halfbetpot
    I think we need to always play check/call
  • murschi


    translate in german pls
  • SSS101


    @vonki Sexy voice
  • zitT


    well done!
  • Ave27


    just watched this video... the video quality wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. stil watchable and enjoyable. twicet's strategy talk is just so crazy good. so interesting to hear him talk about hands, and why he'd do what.
  • Anuschka


    enjoyed it thanks!
  • jozata


    how do you proceed on various turns when you c/r a dry flop and get called?In that particular hand on the Q44r board, if villain calls your c/r what range do you put him on-Qx,22,33,55-JJ?
  • LetsGambleBaby


    i'm in love 2...nice voice (she) have

    And a great video...nice how you go trough the hands and speak about them in detail