$1k Venetian Deepstack Live in Vegas

  • MTT
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  • $1000
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AaronLambert takes us through his hands and the decisions behind them from a $1k Venetian deepstack tournament he played live in Vegas. In this video, Aaron goes into the mindset of the opponent and amends his decisions accordingly.


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Comments (24)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • benedeklevi


    complete out of line street poker here. calling 4bets with any2 50 bb deep it is just bad.
  • sleepasaurus


    @2 +1
  • vins12


    The brother of Jonathan Lambert?
  • AaronLambert


    @#2 I would almost never do that but over 9 hands he was literally like 88vpip 88pfr with 3bet% of 75% (3of4)

    Different kind of player than anyone is accustomed to playing.
  • AaronLambert


    @4 don't know a Jonathan Lambert
  • benedeklevi


    #5 u describe perfectly that our opponent is a fish. The strategy against a fish is to 3bet then call a 4bet w any2 then bluff shove a lot of flops or just to nit up and wait for hands?
  • AaronLambert


    being patient would have definitely served me better
  • Palmero92


    the hand really doesn't matter, the hand really doesn't matter. Sorry, but when they call your bluff 3-bets so often it's very bad to 3-bet with 86o and 85o. Furthermore you don't have any blockers with 86, which would increase your Fold Equity.
  • Palmero92


    and the QQ hand... When you call the 3-bet you must go broke on this board. It's the best board you can expect with QQ. And just for setmining you can't call this hand. You must decide, if you fold QQ preflop or if you want going broke on such a board.
  • AaronLambert


    @10 I agree... the decision was to be made preflop and I think I could get away from it.
  • ihufa


    He 3bets UTG+2 oop, cbets KKJ for slightly over ½ pot and your immediate conclusion is he never has a king here. Doesnotcompute...
  • ihufa


    @2 agree, also i think 3betting in the first place is a big mistake, then jamming the flop is just ridiculus. I mean... RIDICULUS. Unless u expect him to call with AK and AQ every single time then shoving isntead of flatting just makes no sense at all. when u shove he's calling every single better hand and folding every single worse????
  • ihufa


    I don't get why u don't lead river. If he's any kind of thinking and agressive player he will realize u don't play any flushes this way, and will probably bluffcatch with all his 9s and pretty much any showdown value. (a loose ´suited connectory´ 3betting range contains more 9s than any other card so i don't get why u think it's wierd that he bets turn.)
  • ihufa


    The last hand he's giving u GREAT implied ods. So you know calling will be ++EV. When a nit 3bets and takes this line i don't think u can expect more than 20% FE on the flop (if even that). It seems like u had a chance to take a line that gives u a very big edge to play a nutdraw in position against a weak player with a strong made hand, but then u choose to just get it in on the flop.
    I really don't think u can justify that line when the "conventional" line is so obviously massively +EV and very low variance
  • AaronLambert


    @15 I like my line here because the hand he has should be folding. How he put it in here with TT is beyond me.
  • AaronLambert


    I can see your stance though
  • AaronLambert


    @12 when he bets over half pot I conclude he doesn't want action on this board. I was right sort-of. :P
  • horsetranquilizer


    fun streetpokers vid
  • AaronLambert


    @19 and @2
    To defend myself here a bit 1) these hands were the most interesting hands I played that were not your standard moves. I played many more big conventional pots but they have no real interest. 2) Yes the play is crazy and I know this. I tend to walk the line of crazy and wild often so I will make mistakes especially 50+bbs deep because I'm unfamiliar with being this deep.

    I hope this explains a little bit... I know the play is unusual but keep in mind I went deep in most of these tournaments and played many MANY hands along to way.
  • Gameslave


    19:45 Hi Aaron, I like your gameplan with the 86 hand and for sure you have to go broke on that flop but I don't understand why you think he would never had Jx-hands in his range especially if you say that he was very, very aggressive and that he has a wide 4-betting range. I mean if he would have a tight 4-betting range you shouldn't do call with 86o to shove many flops, right? And if he is so aggressive and you describe him as young and prob an internet player why don't you think he couldn't go broke with this hand preflop against you? I mean, I don't know how you look like but perhaps you look like an internet kid, too, and so he thinks that you are capable of 5bet-shoving ligh against a LAG like him...
  • Gameslave


    @16 Why you think he shouldn't be in against you who had a laggy and crazy image there? You often said you want to create a crazy image so people pay you out looser. Well, he adjusted in this spot and just tried to induce against you, you should adjust then, too.
  • AaronLambert


    @22 my chips won't go in unless I have equity. I'm not going to put my chips in there with less than a flush draw (the hand I had)

    @21 that it was just weird I seem to change my opinion on that move regularly. I hadn't played a hand since I was at the table so I didn't really have an image yet and I think I look closer to 30 than 25 so maybe he thinks I'm capable of being light. I'm not sure
  • ihufa


    I don't understand how him having TT justifies the play. If anything I'd say it makes it much much worse