5CD: Pre Draw Concepts by EvGalois

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Our Five-card draw expert, EvGalois, continues his introduction of 5CD with an in-depth look into the pre-draw concepts followed by a small live example session on PokerStars. EvGalois will explore positional advantages as well as optimal starting hands for the five card draw game.


Beginner draw PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • kiromanAAKK


    Why you made the first video Silver if this one is basic?

  • EvGalois


    Hello! At 4.54 there is an error. I am telling that you are "last" to act from late position in the post draw round. What it should be is of course first to act; both when it comes to drawing/carding and acting(betting). This spot is tricky and depending on how many players and different player types there are in the pot it is not always certain that we make a reraise from here all the time when we are ahead pre draw. An example would be if we held AA or a medium 2 pair against and early raisor with 2 cold callers in between. In that case I am leaning towards a flat call most of the times.
  • gadget51


    I'm a bronze and I can watch the video but am not allowed to read the accompnying article until my status is higher? How does that work!
  • MarcPS


    #4 - I'll ask someone from education to comment here. Thanks for pointing this out :)
  • MarcPS


    #4 - the article is silver, but the video is basic as part of a promotion of the 5CD content. There'll be one more video coming for basic, as well, but the articles will remain silver for the time being.
  • Systemrock


    Another good Video, thx for sharing this with the basic/bronze member :)
  • 0legator888


    #4,#6 Hi, what's the article U're speaking about? Give me the link please =)
  • meneeraardvark


    Thanks for the video! I'm looking forward to your next ones.
  • mirari88


    Suggestion: maybe you should expand articles in videos with some of your thoghts about hand flow and etc... Because current video mostly dublicates relevant article.

    But nontheless vid is nice and it was pleasure to watch it! Thanks!
  • 0legator888


    #9 thanks)
  • ALFASpidy


    very nice vid. i am one of those who played this game as child.

    had my first tries on freerollers more by accident and it was fun.

    i am really going to try this out more a lot. sorry the further information is silver only...

    evgalois keep going and thanks :)
  • XandreW36


    very nice job EvGalois, but I have to ask when is next part coming out?
  • RocknRollAd


    Very nice!

    I like to know what you should do in unraised blind pots (in the game I play there is no small blind)
    with total craphands 3 flush lowcards etc. no pair, or with high cards. Do you defend the blind with those kind of hand and how many and which cards do you change then.

    Grtz. a beginner.
  • DrHaze


    thank you, very interesting video.

    Any news on when the next one is coming out?
  • evilknivel41


    more 5CD vids + content plz.

    how about an HU episode...
  • kostas21


    we need a live play video please !!!
  • Borisian


    More from EvGalois!!!!
  • pokeryogi888


    We want more !
  • sandraardnas


    So, when next video is coming?
  • BaggerSmurf


    More please :D!
  • Sulfrin


    Thank you for the good information. Does anyone know where i can find the postdraw concept video? i cant find it and am really interested...