Thinking outside the Box

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YourDoomPoker discusses unconventional methods whereby we can extract value, position, bet-sizing


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • killakadaf


    nice video
  • veriz


    Hand 76 - What do you think about making an overbet on turn? It might even avoid him calling with hands like 77/99/TT/draws? Or do you still prefer rather 3barreling which might have even more fold equity - although you loose a bit more money?

    Hand JJ - What do you think about making it ~$800 rather than making it $1300. Will make it look almost the same size and we are pretty much committed on any flop anyways. As you did with the hand AKs.

    Hand ATo - The problem vs his small raise is that he is pretty much representing the air/draw of course but as well at the same time with his raise he achieves to see 2 cards. By that I mean he is making sometimes even better hands to fold or even if the opponent continues then most likely he is going to Call as you did. With that he get a Check behind on turn and will see a free river card. Wouldn't be better for us to at least 3bet it on flop while his raising doesn't make sense, maybe even smallish or either donking the turn to avoid him Checking behind.
  • mbml


    ATo hand: You said you didn't isoraise because the fish doesn't like to fold on the flop. so doesn't that make limping Q4s better than isorasing, despite him being in position?
  • beardsell


    for the first hand, if u run 44 on equilator vs what I assumed is likely to be is his range when he arrives to river... :
    TT-99, 77, AsJs, AsTs, As9s, As8s, As7s, As6s, A5s, As4s, A3s, As2s, KsQs, KsJs, KsTs, Ks9s, Ks8s, Ks7s, Ks6s, K5s, QsJs, QsTs, Qs9s, Qs8s, JsTs, J9s, Js8s, Js7s, T9s, Ts8s, Ts7s, Ts6s, 9s8s, 9s7s, 9s6s, 8s7s, 8s6s, 7s4s, 64s+, AJo, A5o, A3o, KJo, QJo

    he has smth better than 44( showdownvalue) 80.9% of time .
    So please tell me how it is a bad chek river.. look how I put
    - no slowplayed hands in his range,
    - no overpair which is a possiblity
    - Only A5 for the pair of fives

    I mean if we had a read that he is chek/calling a big bet on turn with A4o,A2o, then it would obviously be a good bet river but then the bet on turn makes no sense at all. The bet on turn is almost the same amount as the bet on the river so he might even c/c his A4o on river !

    So because you say it's a " huge mistake ", i would like you to elaborate because i guess i'm doing it wrong?
  • Dziecko33


    <ZzzzzzzZZZZzz> :-)
  • benedeklevi


    great vid!
  • Dublimax


    interesting but too much time spend on the big 3B imo. You could have shown unusual lines reg vs reg for example. In the end for a NL1K diamond video I found it a bit light.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey everyone!

    First things first. LIKE my FaceBook Page now for a FREE complete sample hand video which is now online! :D
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey veriz,

    76: Since he is a very weak player, I don't like the overbet, since fish don't really concern themselves with things like "amounts" and "odds."

    JJ: If you think you'll lose the player @$1300 but keep him in @ $800 then $800 is the correct amount. The trick is to make it as large as possible that your particular opponent will still call to "see a flop."

    AT: My hand is too strong vs his range to turn it into a bluff w a 3B. If he calls with our draw, now we're OOP w a medium holding and have to act first on the turn. I'm willing to call another $100 here and re-eval the turn per my read, but I'm not willing to go crazy with my stack just in case he does happen to have a big hand and is playing it weird...which is possible since he's playing the entire hand weird.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey mbml,

    Definitely not. If he iso-raises he at leasts gets more folds from the blinds and takes the lead in the hand. Over limping Q4s here is very bad. His best option vs his fish would be to fold preflop. 2nd best option is to iso-raise. Worst option is to overcall for all the reasons I mention in the video.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey beardsell,

    I may not be entirely sure what you're asking or why you're talking about 44, but let me try to respond the best way that I can.

    If you're saying he's going to call w a better hand 80.9% of the time and only fold less than 20% of the time, I disagree. What if he had 6d5d and folded river? What if he has AK, AQ and folded river? All possible. I suspect that there's more hands in his range than just the ones you list here. He's a fish, he probably doesn't have the range you think he has.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey killakadaf and benedeklevi,

    Thanks! :D
  • IronPumper


    This line can be obv. very good if his range is wide enough on the river and he has enough busted Draws inside himself - let`s say that is the case - 2 questions:

    1.) wouldn`t be eve3n a smaller betsize like 1/4th-PS enough when we are targeting only/mostly busted draws?

    2.) Would you be more careful with this play vs. a bad-aggro Fish than vs. a loose-passive fish for obv. reasons?
  • kukkiwonBG


    When you play SB so often after limpers what is your plan if the BB raise?
    Without any other info do you lead every time you hit a hand?

  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey ironpumper,

    1) Possibly, but you can't make it too small. If the bet size didn't matter at all, you would just bet min. But most players are likely to call min with any hand just to see what you have.

    2) Yes, definitely.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Kukki,

    Mostly I just fold and lose 1SB on the hand.

    Yes, betting is by far the best play here when you flop weak equity
  • kukkiwonBG


    Can you specify what how different are your ranges when you complete after one limper and after 2+

    Thank you in advance!
  • YourDoomPoker


    I don't know the exact %s but, all things being equal, I'm more likely to raise wider vs one limper since I can isolate on that player postflop.

    With multiple limpers it'll be harder to get everyone to fold preflop, or on the flop if multiple players call my raise. So in that case I'm going to call 1SB more often.
  • Falber


    pretty weird video but i liked it. :)
  • junglemandan


    actually, i dont think he played the q4dd that bad postflop
  • spliffstar11


    and why?
  • yomatiyo


    76o, I said that =) bet small =) I am happy LOL


    for me it was obvious it was a flush draw, he's just giving himself the best price on a free card and in adition perhaps trying to mess about in your head with wierd lines


    great video btw