Return to Pixel Poker - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius smashes onto the PokerStars tables with his recently gathered live poker experience. Somnius explores the challenges involved with returning to the online grind from live poker and makes space for analysis of tough spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • rule2k4


    let me say it in a nice way:

    your not a good player.

    never soon so many missplays in such a short vid
  • z1pz0r


    Wouldn't say you're not a good player, but I stopped watching after first few minutes ... 3betting random crap from blinds like 27s is just so bad.
  • stylus20


    hmm just quickly wachted the vid, don't really know what #3&#4 are talking about.

    3bet with 72s vs gogol's nose is close but far from horrible, since defends rather tight to 3bets as long as you're not doing it too much.

    anyways always looking forward for midstakes vids on stars.
  • yomatiyo


    LOL, Somnius is bad cause he 3bet 27s the first hand against a CO? ok =P

    I like this vid, not so great like others, but also like the idea of u showing your self rusty, cause it happens to all us.

    Min 12:00, why not floating whit two backdoors to almost nuts vs his 3bet light range?
    I understand that he will have a lot of Ax, but also PP, also Kx and some Qxs and SC.
    Even if he has, I dont know.. A5s, he cant really love his hand, so we can potencionaly tke him off of a weak A.
    Dont u think we could call F also for balancing our Ax hands and just see if he give up or we hit our str8 or flush draw and can raise the turn or maybe just call turn and bet river if he checks?.
    Or u just fold cause u belive he is the kind of player that will never fold Ax and will go even for 3 streets of bluffs in that spot?.

    Also looking his stats he seems to be so damn sick!. to the momento at least...

    Min 19:00, why u bet just 1bb in the river? why not half pot or 66%? do u balance that 1bb for value whit 1bb bluffs? xD

    Mi 20:00 table one, dont u belive beting turn and river for value is ok against him? his range is so damn wide.
    Dont u belive is ok to bet twice cause we have to do it sometimes as a bluff against him if we wanna play back?.

    What are your adjustements against this kind of players overall? I mean like Shiko. Vpip and pfr really high, 3bet 20%, etc. Cause he doesnt seem to be horrible..
    So how do u adapt? just traying to be tight and making moves once in a wilde? do u hate trying to be more agresive than them?.

    Min 21:00 table 4, why calling the bb? why not sqzing against the fish and take it down in a lot of flops? I mean, I like the call thit J9s, but J7s has not a lot of playability. Dont u think?

    Table 1, min 31:00 WHY folding AJo? xD why not sqeezing?
  • rule2k4


    he just sitting there, hanging around and 3betting lots of stuff without a real gameplan.

    if you play a new site that might be cool for a few minutes to test the waters etc. but it took u such a long time to firstly say that the stars players rely a lot on preflop; why dont you adjust then?

    anaways, why dont u flat a hand then even with a fish in the hand? for example one hand u have t9cc btn, co open and u 3bet, in BB sits $303 stack with a dog avatar. you 3betted the CO like 50 times before and he always folded. y are u 3betting this now instead of playing a nice pot with fish in position and a bad multitabling reg in sandwich;

    i could argue about every hand you play in this video. its just standard lines, try to be a splasher preflop but instead be a fuckin bad abc reg. you postflop betsizing is the worst ive seen on nl400 reg. i mean the people on stars are basically the worst postflop players and u say u have an edge over them? by what? i dont see any advanced concept against hands against regs. its just playing your hand. no more.
  • z1pz0r


    #5, #6
    I didn't say he's bad. And I only gave 27s as an example.

    I will give you 2 more spots that I find "close":
    - 3betting low queen suited from blinds
    - not cbetting A3 on 39Ts (I am aware that it hits villan's ranges super-hard but if you're so aggressive from blinds to late position steals you should be very aggressive postflop as well on such flop.)

    I'm sure I would find more if I watched more than 10-15 mins.
  • stylus20


    @8 you're wrong at both examples ... -3betting Qxs vs lateopens is pretty standard, as long as pfa folds enough.
    -what do you wanna achive with the cbet? we will have to give up basicly every turn, which makes us very vulnerable vs floats. on a board texture like this villain wont fold a single hand out of his defending range.
  • z1pz0r


    I was trying to say that he could have much better 3bet range. Also, dont know about you but i dont 3bet q3s or sth pre against good regs. And yeah, id raise any 2 if people would always fold to 3bets, unfortunaly people dont tend to do that. Thats why u need hands w some better equity. I hope i now explained now enough detailed for u to understand.
    Also i dont know why you would give up any turn i would personally barrel any A, K, 3, 9, 10, on many turns i'd go for c/r with clean image and floaty villan
  • Qwertz321


    #3 fail! just keep complaining. i guess you are a way better player :facepalm:

    somnius, at 6:25 you say it all... maybe next time you make a video where you don't feel rusty and had some online practice before :)
  • Somnius


    Black Friday must be really getting on peoples nerves, my condolences to those here who are really angry and lashing out.

    I will get to the rational questions soon. Can say that it had been about 2 months off the tables before making this series, hence the name :).

    @rule2k4 - you seem pretty upset. don't know who you are but if I can guarantee you're not cheating or getting help, I'd potentially be up for a headsup match. send me a pm if you're seriously interested in discussing it and not just interested in making a public spectacle.
  • Somnius


    Sorry for the crude reply and for the lateness in real replies, I'll try my best to answer all of questions :)

    #6 - Float is generally standard not sure why not there looks like I talked myself out of it. If he's barrely then yeah just floating and folding too much is gonna be pretty bad.

    19:00 just to get some sort of call no not balancing expecting a call.

    20:00 yes betting turn and river standard, yeah may tread a little carefully at first vs good aggros just depends how things have played out in our momentum.

    21:00 yeah J7s pretty bad esp oop but it was a mr with a fish and pretty uncomfortable squeezing with a likely showdown fish ip.

    30:00 just a feel thing I think was expecting to get 4-bet a lot and wasn't prepared to sqz get it in that moment.