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In this Diamondreview by Siete777, we are taken through interesting hands provided by our Diamond community. Siete jumps in to discuss interesting spots & what could have, should have, would have happened. Enjoy the video and leave any Comments / Feedback on your mind.


hand history review postflop

Comments (31)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • matusko


    hey, liked the vid, just a few things that came across my mind:
    hand1: I think you have to discount his flush combos a lot, bc he will raise the flop or turn very often, so your calculation is extremely optimistic imo.
    hand2: Interesting if its better to c/r or b/c the turn. Do you think he would shove a hand like he had to your turn bet?
  • Falber


    Interesting vid, thank you.
  • TheLastNail


    an exceptional selection of the hands. Rly very good, very interesting, awesome preparation. Way way way more interesting than the hh formats of fe Somnius. Sorry Somnius. I want to see longer vids from u in the future.
  • praios


    is siete nicht deutscher?
  • praios


    and lol he is calling half of his straights in hand 1 and folding all flushes even nut flushes.....
  • x3mwisp


    nice video!
  • Siete777


    @TheLastNail: Thanks a lot for the comment! Comments like these motivate me to invest time and energy into my content. I do like somnius videos as well tbh, hes playing completely different though but I always like this kind of input to give me information about how OTHER good players think about certain spots.

    @ matusko:

    Tnx for ur feedback and ur thoughts!

    Hand 1: Hard to answer to that because the info I got of him changed a lot in the last weeks and months. NOW I have a read on this guy that he is always delaying his raises to the river, so I would still give him the same range TODAY, but tbh I dont know whether I had this read when playing the hand, so actually NOW with further information the raise would be pretty good, as long as he is able to fold some of the combos I put in his raise / fold range. As we saw hes not capable of folding a made hand, so its obv. horrible with the new info. In this given spot WITHOUT the information (that he is delaying his raises with made hands to the river) it is closer than I say in the video, so I have to kind of agree with you in that point. And just to be clear about that (although its pretty obvious): seeing him snapping me with the 8hi flush does make me NEVER ever again 3bet his raises as a bluff...

    Hand 2: I dont see him shipping the turn too often, since he only had a gut shot (I think I might have said double gut shot which would be incorrect). I DO see him shoving sth. like 89 sometimes though and given the fact that he is NOT always bluffing the river, we could def. sonsider ur idea. U would have to make a evaluation of the value of his potential riverbluff with busted draws he MIGHT have folded on the turn vs. the value of my turnbet against worse hands / draws. Im pretty sure it will be extremly close in this given spot. Just to give u some idea for the next time ull be in a similar spot: The more often he bluffs the river ui (AF river ftw), the more often u should choose the passive line. The more often u see him shipping draws on the turn (AF river, cr river might also be interesiting and: is he capable of double floating in 3bet pots or does he get it in on the turn? How often does he delay his raises to the turn etc.), the more often u should bet urself. Its hard to evaluate it without really good reads so, so u just have to decide it intuitively. In the concrete scenario I thought he was tilting, so I had an easy decision. :)
  • Siete777


    @ praios: SO why exactly should he raise / call the nutflush there? I dont see a big difference in the relative hand strength between the nutflush, the straight, the 8 hi fdraw.

    More feedback is obv. very welcome.

    Best regards Siete
  • Siete777


    A few mistakes I made

    "ui" --> unimproved
    sonsider --> consider obv.
    8 hi fdraw --> 8 hi flush
    hard to evaluate it without reads so --> so = though :D
  • x3mwisp


    hand2: actually if he knows u would be bluffcathing with A,K high which u cbet flop and ch/c turn (gs or fd) then it makes perfect sense to balance his river bet by valuebetting any J. If u consider that - then the call on the river with KQ is really close.
  • Dorfzocker75


    i like, but too short video
  • everyoneissolid


    nice and interesting video
    more vids like this
  • blonytair


    @9: with the nutflush, you have a valueraise vs. all other flushes, with 8d7d only vs. 65s, 64s,... JT and Qx - and as u explained, these hands might fold
  • Gusano21


    Very nice video. All the hands are so interesting. Please more videos like this!
  • zaboo


    KQo hand: not better to ch/r flop? We let him bet many hands that he folds to our cbet
  • Siete777


    @ x3mwisp:

    Tnx for the feedback.

    I disagree with ur comment: Even if he bets QJ KJ AJ, but bluffs all busted draws, we still have an easy (!) call. Ill sum up the hands he might bet and give u the combos afterwars:

    He could bluff: q9s (4), KQ (9 combos, but its only a split. So we should multiply it with 0.5 = 4.5), 89s (4), 97s (3 of 4, cauz its not always the case he calls it preflop and floats the flop), Q9s (4) --> 19.5


    valuebets with: AJ (16), KJ (12), QJ (6 - I discound a few cauz he bets it less often and will not always call my 3bet w QJo) --> 34

    So we win 19.5 out of 53.5 times, which gives us the odds. It changes though if he decides to bluff a hi draw, might turn some weakish made hands into a bluff (v unlkely though) or is capable of vbetting worse J or even a T (also v unlikely imo).

    Best regards Siete
  • Siete777


    @ zaboo: Its def. viable! But I dont usually c/r in these spots, cauz I want to put the pressure on him by betting flop and often shipping turn on scarecards. In the moment I check and he checks back its getting tougher on the turn to barrel him of weakish made hands he might check back. I also would have some problems to balance it with made hands.I like it though if the opponent had a v high bet vs missed cbet though.

  • Siete777


    @ dorfzocker, gusano & everyoneissolid:

    Tnx for the feedback, guys. ;)
  • Dodadodadodada


    You put lots of thoughts into your videos and coachings which i really like.
    The handselection and how u created this video let the audience think about the situations more deeply.

    Funny thing is, If i noticed correctly, that ure talking faster that in your spanisch videos, but it´s totally ok.

    20:00 - KcJc - Ure talking about a second barrel with the amount of $380 to be committed.
    I guess you would play any 2 of your second barrel range the same way to b/f or b/c.
    U could bet a smaller amount to let villain think he might have a huge amount of foldequity and a good prize to bluff.

    In general u have the ability to analyze hands more deeply. Not only what the opponent´s range might be also what ure range look like, how villain could act to hero´s possible range and the reflection of hero to that.
    But then u could fill up one video with one hand, which might be boring for many.
    So u do a very good job!
  • Ninjai


    Finally diamond worthy content again in a looong time now.

    Could you please go a bit into detail on your turncheck w/ KJ. You say a lot about his perceived folding range and that you intended to keep his range wide. Is there any other made hand you would consider checking here except for JJ/TT which is almost Khigh considering his river-AFq/polarization? It feels like you wanted to add something in that spot but jumped in your train of thoughts.
  • IronPumper


    @Siete: for sue a very nice Vid^^

    But as some other guys, i also have some problems with your turncheck in the 2ndhand with KcJc.
    I mean in this spot, you have soo super many bluffcombos you wanna barell vs. his not soo strong flopcallrange, that i rly fell it is a problem to not follow through with one of your highest equity bluffcombos.

    if you wanna have here a
    non_Check/Foldrange, then you should imo choose hands which would C/Call like you would mabye do here with TT/JJ.
    Imo here is absolutely no need to have a C/R-range here.
    I mean imo on this board you should for sure prefer to continue betting all your valuehands on the turn, so a C/R cannot be here too optimal.
    Hand which you could consider to C/Call on the turn would be imo hands like QcJc, KcQc or so.
    Sometimes maybe even a Monsterdraw.
    But C/Ring here is imo not an optimal gameplan and you can only do it as a kinda "Onetime"-play vs. REGs you wanna exploit here.
    But likely you are playing this Villain way too often in order to be allowed to make too often such "One-time plays".
  • Pabloka


    Very nice video adil :)more like this pls.

    I Know your nickname xD, if i see you will Vbet rivers with any A high xD
  • Pabloka


    Hand 2: In the rive with his afq, i dont think he is bluffing his busted 100% (and considering he is betting turn with some draws), and 9x KQ is a good part of his range.

    KQ 12 combos
    9Js,9Ts,98s 6 combos
    Busted like TJs(4combos),6s7s,KsTs,KTs(6 combos)= 10 combos x 0.5 times

    18 vs 5: 21%, obviusly if he cb turn always and bet river 75% with his draws is a call.

    In spanish: no me cierra el c/c xD
  • IronPumper


    another problem with the KJ-Hand is that regards to your C/C on the river, you block many reasonable dealyed Floatcombos of his range (JcTc, KcTc, KcJc...).
    Such turned Monsterdraws are imo the hands for which it makes most sense to delay the float on the river b/c you are slighlty deeper and they maybe do not want to face a C/R.
    The Monsterdrwas with the spade-FD would often raise on the flop and other random Floats with 4-9 outs would pretty often float directly on the turn.
    So the C/Call might be closer than you thought in game.
  • steveelmejor


    Hi 7!

    Why don't you consider in the villain's range, some kind of slowplay delayed preflop like QQ+?. In the second hand is less probable cause i think that the villane should protect the vulnerability of his hand but in the third one, I think QQ+ the villain could have so often.
  • Dante63s


    Love it!
  • Siete777


    Tnx again for the further feedback!

    @ ironpumper and pabloka: I doubt he raises the flop too often with a monsterdraw and given the fact, that he does not want to bet/fold them on the turn (though I think he might be comitted with more than 11 outs if he bets big).

    But I agree with you, that if he begins to valuebet thin (KQ), a c/c is way closer than I thought. But I doubt hes betting a K there too often. A really good opponent will do it though for sure.

    @ ninja: a set could be a reasonable hand to balance your c/f on the turn. If you have 99 there, hes more often on Kx. If you have KK, he cant have a King, and might bluff a float or a draw, he would have folded. I will see the video again in a few days (cauz Im tranlating it into spanish) and if I have indeed further thoughts on the KJ hand, I will put them here. :)

    Best regards and gl on the tables,

  • Siete777


    @ Steve: I doubt hes slowplaying cauz we had lots of history. I think we both get it in pretty light. Also even if he slowplays, he gets in it on the flop a good amount of the times to protect.

    saludos ;)
  • MrTiger


  • odineH


    niceeeeee vid :D