Countering LAG Opponents Heads-up

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Our new producer, Collin Moshman, brings us his first ever video for on how to counter LAG HU opponents in SNG's. Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback for Collin.


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  • DanielK


    Enjoy Collin´s first video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Jaschamc


    good explanations and i like the fast speaking! more hu sng vids please!
  • sambucatus


    Great video!
  • Gerovit


    Very good in narrowing opponents ranges, going through hands efficiently with clear explanations.Looking forward to see more.
  • DanielK


    @6 we are planing to release more HU Sng videos. But maybe they will require a higher status in the future.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    very valuable content. great job!
  • vitanueva1


  • Munchking


    awesome video, keep them coming :D
  • flober


    In Russian please!
  • Pansenmann


    great video, really well explained. I would like more HUSNG content including math.
  • DanielK


    @13 The video will also be released in the russian community, stay tuned ;-)
  • Jaschamc


    @9 I would be pleased if they require goldstatus at most ^_^
  • Peque09


    great video.
    great job.
  • Falco35


    hm!? T7s, interessting hand..But I think its not so clear Call imo. Maybe, if the Range ist okay with some str8 Draws

    Nice Vid!!!
  • sirilidion


    at the end you said you like the small raise more then the shove and would shove the A3o because of the low playabilaty. Wouldn't this result a observing opponent to adjust acordingly or don't you think that this opponent would not exploit this?
  • GrafAnton


    The living legend !
  • Falco35


  • Gavron23


    A fishy question:)
    25:38 could we not consider floating at least the flop if he cbets, because I still expect him to cbet a lot of air hands on this board, or it is just that we are out of position and we can face a possible multi-street bets that we will have to fold?
  • Gavron23


    35:50 how about donking this flop? He pretty much almost never has an ace here, and it maybe it depends what lvl he is thinking on(we should also never have an ace)
  • Gavron23


    Really nice video, thanks, and welcome to the community :)
  • Falco35


    Hero played fine
  • Gavron23


    At 33:00 any king should be an unexploitable push with 13 BB
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks for the feedback everyone, very glad people enjoyed my first video.

    Sirlidion: At say 14 bb deep, even if we choose to open-shove hands like A2o and 22, we still have both raise/fold and raise/call ranges. So when we min-raise, he won't know if we're trying to induce with AQ, or planning to fold with J3s.
  • CollinMoshman


    Gavron23, the problems at 25:38 are that even if ace-high is the best hand, we don't have great equity against his range, and as you point out, we're out of position and will possibly be facing two more bets of increasing size.
  • CollinMoshman


    Falco35, I agree that Hero played very well overall, and he is a very winning HUSNG player.

    Gavron23, at 35:50 I think donking the flop is a fine alternative. At 33:00, Holdem Resources shows K2o as unexploitable up to 11.6 bb.
  • commanderphil


    why isnt he minraising
    against such an aggressiv
  • Munchking


    against this kind of opponent, we want to open tighter, but call 3bet/4bet would that go? what kind of hand range would you need to call down a 25% 3bet when in deep/middle stack, and what kind of range would you 4bet?
    what about value 3betting him oop? KQ/AT+/99+? what to call a shove with, not in short stacks yet?

    if he's check/raising 30%, are we fine with 2nd pair/good kicker, as in the hand in the video? is it a fold to his lead on turn? if he's likely to bet us all the way, are we still going to call the check/raise with 2nd pair?
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the explanation - my bad about K2o hand
  • Gavron23


    For the 35:50 hand if we donk he raises, when we have the info that he is raising often on the flop would you prefer to donk/fold or donk/3bet shove with a speck of FE?
  • Genius91


    good job . nice video collin!
  • Harnas31


    1 of my favourite vids.

    YOu dont move arrow unndecessary when you speak that irritates me in most vids.
    The tempo of speaking is very good so I can follow your way of thinking.
    You just say what has to be said and go to next hand which is great, no being oversmart. :)

    Such vid I can watch more than once with pleasure.
  • CollinMoshman


    Commanderphil,a lot of the min-raise vs 2.5x or 3x debate is stylistic (a few winning players even open-limp), but I agree against this type of player you should be more inclined to raise smaller.

    Gavron, in the 35:50 hand, if we bet out and he raised, it would depend on his sizing. If he made a raise that looked committing, I'd just toss the hand if I wasn't getting the implied odds to continue by calling. If he raised an amount that left us FE on a shove, then 3-betting is a pretty solid play.

    Munchking, a rough value 3-bet range might be 77/AJ/KQ, and we would certainly be content to play for stacks against this opponent (i.e. 4bet / get it in) with at 99/AQ. Hands that we'll go with post-flop facing a check/raise depend a lot on stack depth, flop texture, etc. With that said, against a player like this, we're going to be pretty stubborn with 2nd pair facing a c/r on most flops.
  • CollinMoshman


    And thanks again to everyone so far who has posted nice feedback on this video, it's very encouraging to me as I spend a lot of time producing content, so I really appreciate that :)
  • Munchking


    thx for the answer
    sure a video to rewatch with a notepad
  • JayGatsby


    Hey Colin,

    you say:

    "At say 14 bb deep, even if we choose to open-shove hands like A2o and 22, we still have both raise/fold and raise/call ranges. So when we min-raise, he won't know if we're trying to induce with AQ, or planning to fold with J3s."

    This means, however, that our openshoving Range is face up (the hands that are too bad to raise/call but to good to fold).

    And our raising range is also much easier to read because Villain can safely exclude the shoving combos of our range.


  • JayGatsby


    btw very nice video ;)
  • Diddy81


    31:39 : I would prefer to fold in an HU-SNG instead of calling, because the call is close to neutral EV. If we loose we are in bad shap and I think we will get better spots vs this bad player to stick the money in in the future match. So we do not have to risik our good position and can wait for a better spot. I think this would higher our overall EV.
  • Beta5643


    just one word: AWESOME :)
  • HariRadovan


    Hi Collin, I´m very happy you produce vids for!

    I liked that video very much (5 stars!) but I was a little surprised that you never suggestet completing a hand like K2o or K3o from the SB as you did in your book HU-No-limit-Holdem. Is this because your opponent plays a laggy style and would therefore often raise or did you change your attitude on completing high-low-hands from the SB?
  • grrgrrbla


    hey collin,

    great video! nice to have someone that competent doing husng-videos!

    min 12:42: what about a small valuebet vs q-high, maybe even j-high or a random 6 that he hit with his flushdraw, some smaller pocketpair ? we basically never loose, the worst that could happen is a split against another 8, so i would like a small valuebet of like 40 vs q-high, because he seems fishy enough to pay off.

    min 15: i like the checkback because villain checkraises 32% and we just have to fold facing a checkraise which he could do with hands that we are slightly ahead of (just many draws on that board) and when he checkraises and we call, there is basically no turn we are happy with.

    min 29:06: i would fold given that he didn't even valuebet 2npgk on the paired board before (t9 on j229x i think) and he has been very passive so far even checking down no showdownvalue oop.

    overall: would love another husng video against a lag who is very aggro post and not just pre and on the flop (checkraising alot of flops) because the villain we played against just played very passively on the turn and river especially oop,
  • natixGH


    Nice vid, and nice to you here, sir.
  • murschi


    Mein english ist bekackt. da kann ich auch schlager hören. aber schöne bilder^^
  • kanzler80


    Hi Collin, always liked your Vids at Stox and CR. Great News you are working with now. Will you produce a few videos with Katie? Your old "Babes of Stoxpoker"-Video was one of the most entertaining vids ive ever seen. Greetings to you and Katie! P.S.: Do you still have your dog?
  • janalissako


    Hey Collin,
    I am very happy that u are posting videos for pokerstartegy now, because you are a brilliant pokermind. great video. please pokerstrategy let all of us see these great videos and not only platin status+.
  • zilltine


    ohhh my god, awesome to have Collin
  • MarcPS


    unbelievably good video. one of the best I've seen on HUSNGs.

    I can't wait to see what else you've got in your locker, Collin.
  • Yoghurt1973


    Hi Collin,

    Question about your pushing range from your SNG Strategy book. Its much tighter than ICM suggest. Are you still behind those pushing ranges or is it better to learn ICM pushing ranges nowadays?

    As you say on page 247 of your book. "These are only rough guidelines, determined by playing experience, the Sklansky-Chubokov numbers, and reasonable assumptions using Pokerstove and ICM"

    These tables are bases on which stakes and/or callingranges sb and bb?

    What do you recommend for SNG's nowadys? Shove wider or not up to whcih stakes?

    Thanks in advance,

  • DtotheC


    Great video Collin, will be sure to watch again until I can absorb it all :)
  • MonkeySam


  • CollinMoshman


    JayGatsby, Yes in that case your open-shove range would be fairly face-up. If you're only shoving hands that are unexploitable in the sense that they show a profit regardless of your opponent's calling range, however, it is not easy for him to take advantage of this information. And while he can exclude a limited number of hands from our min-raise range, it will still contain many weak and strong hands, which will make his 3bet decision difficult.

    Diddy81, I definitely understand and respect that opinion. My point in that hand is just that from a math/EV perspective, calling and folding are close.
  • CollinMoshman


    Hari, one thing I mentioned above is that what you do with hands you play on the button is partly stylistic. With that said, particularly against a loose opponent, open-limping can definitely be a viable option.

    Kanzler, thanks! I'd love to work with Katie again on a video, I'll see if I can arrange that :) And yes I definitely still have the dog.
  • CollinMoshman


    grrgrrbla, A thin value bet there is a cool idea, but I would disagree that we have nothing to lose. He could put us in a strange spot by c/r'ing, and we did see in another hand that he went for a c/r on multiple streets with a strong hand.

    With the 75, both checking and betting have their pros, and Hero (who I mentioned is a very winning player) agreed with you. For me though, giving him a free card is a negative enough outcome that I prefer betting.

    At 29:06, I agree that's close, and I definitely wouldn't mind the fold. And you're actually right about this opponent, he's very LAG on the early streets, but less so on the later streets. So that's a very good observation.
  • CollinMoshman


    Oh and Yoghurt, I'd recommend generating your own ranges for common spots using software such as SNGWizard, and the ICM calculator at HoldemResources. My friend Greg (Zerosum) calls this process constructing "pivot points," and it'll be a topic I discuss in my 9-man and MTTSNG videos.


    nice to you here! and very nice video
  • Yoghurt1973


  • grrgrrbla


    thanks for the reply! really nice to see someone responding to all the comments and questions!!!!! really looking forward to your future videos!!
  • DzikiHenry


    omg i belive you are SNG god but plz
    sleep well before recording materials for PS

    obv gr8 stuff for me !
  • jasonforan


    Nice video man hope to enjoy many more in the future.Also whats with the fist pump?Jersey shore fan by any chance?:D lol. Collin "The Situation" Moshman its got a nice ring to it lol
  • Zolt4n


    Fabulous video, very nice stuff Collin.
  • DoigteurFou


    Excellent video. Really hoping the following ones will be gold!

    Welcome pokerstrategy!
  • BadeaCelRau


    WOW! Collin Moshman, really?? Golden video
  • SiladuS92


  • Zeezout


    Nice one!

    Hope you'll produce some complete SH and FR-SNG too :)
  • maikii23


    Great video and explanation...watched it twice :)
  • etnogvozd


    awesoooooooome!!! thx coach!
  • purplelambo


    12.30 I'm disagree with check turn because, for first there can be draws and overcards (float) and we must protect; for second if he have Kx then - no matter, because we will paid on the river for his bet if check the turn. if he have 8x then we split, but he can have 8x with better kicker who can hit. With second barrel on turn we buy free showdown. I will bet turn around potsize there to knock out 8x and if I'm sure if he raise turn with Kx, then I will bet river. Sorry for my bad english =)
  • purplelambo


    12.10 sry
  • PaddyRoyal


    Very good vid., nice voice and good explanations.
    Please more!
    German would be nice.
    AND BIG COMPLIMENT FOR YOUR HEADS-UP BOOK and of corse the book of Sit 'n Go!!!
    Thank you very much and of cource thanks to the hole POKERSTRATEGY-Team!!
    It's nice to learn Poker this way:)
  • FLINTY86


    Ty for Video, Collin!!
    Read both of your books!
    You are a good coach - all comments understandable and simple!
    Gl in your coaching career!
  • ganatodoAA


    hi colin. greatvideo. youre explanations are very logical and are easy to understand. just one question:
    early on when determing villains range dont you disregard AA/KK/QQ or are you certain that he is gonna 4bet them pretty much a 100% of the time?
  • loisl1990


    def. should be a platinum+ vid imo
  • Tim64


    30:48 and earlier. Since you did the pot odds vs equity needed calcs while using HEM, why not just use the "Pot Odds %" figure as your equity needed (rather than doing '1 divided by 2.18 etc'). If you were doing the calc from scratch I'd understand but you're taking the pot odds figure from HEM anyway so calculing the Eq (when it's on the screen for you to see) seems unecessary. Other than that, excellent video - really clear explanations of why to bet or check with different strength holdings!
  • ReAcHtheSkY


    Hi, Collin!
    Great video, thanks:)
    A little advice: you can rearrange hands chronologically in HM replayer, that would probably be more convenient.
    I think that Hero's call 3-bet all in with A5s is a little losing play, because in my opinion with this 3-bet size (12 times Hero's bet) I would exclude out of villain's range weakest aces like A2-A5o and smth. like KTo, QJo. I also think that he would not play monsters this way, he would probably slowplay or 3-bet small with JJ+. So his range isn't so wide - probably low-to-mid pocket pairs, mid-high aces, maybe KQ and some suited connectors - about 17-19%, which gives Hero about 42-45% equity.
  • Netshark71


    This viseo are verry nice and now i´m motivated to play and learn more about HU´s SnG´s. At first i bought the HU book from Collin Moshman.
  • tryhardnoob


    pokerstrategy plz make more vidoes like this!
  • SealP


    Nice video.
  • poiuytr147


    ดูแล้วพอเอาใจอยู่ เวลาเล่นต้องใจเย็นๆ