Return to Pixel Poker - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius smashes onto the PokerStars tables with his recently gathered live poker experience. Somnius explores the challenges involved with returning to the online grind from live poker and makes space for analysis of tough spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • yomatiyo


  • yomatiyo


    Min 30:00. I dont understund, if he is doing the contrasqz4bet whit a medium PP, we HAVE to insta shove cause all the dead money. Why you fold? u belive he could slowplay AK or QQ+ that way so you sqz? wouldnt he just call your sqz and continous the slowplay?
  • yomatiyo


    Amazing fold whit QQ in 33:00. Dont you think we could click it back in the flop and maybe get it in? or at least donk turn and fold to a raise for earning value from TT and JJ? cause the way you play the hand we can potencionaly bluff out too much I belive. I know his line is strange and is not a good turn card, but dont u consider any other line to take that make us not so incomfortable to play the hand?.
  • STYLE51


    33:00: push or fold flop with QQ.
    i would fold it there very often, cus no weaker hand would raise u in this spot. any draw would call.
    TT-JJ would never raise that small.
    i see u running in AA-QQ or a set there.
  • Kruppe


    would you value C/raise vs the delayed cbet in the 74o hand? isn't his delayed cbet line on that board just so weak that you would take a different line for value?
  • Somnius


    Sorry for the late replies.

    #3,4 - You are right generally about the AQ hand, think I just picked up a read and try to trust my instincts. The QQ could very well be played differently, however given my issue with the flop mr and this opponents likely bluffing rates straight-forward may be best and we may get into stickier situations with your proposed line.
  • Somnius


    #5 - calling can work as well to see what's going on with likely honest opponents, folding the flop may very well be best in that instance just one of those spots.
  • Somnius


    #6 - please provide time of the hand. thanks.