Mistakes I've Made

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  • NL BSS
  • $600 - $1000
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A new video from YourDoomPoker concerning the mistakes that he has made at the tables. Hands are in ascending order of sleepless nights... Enjoy the video and leave your Feedback for YourDoom!


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Comments (29)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • drummerSHIN


    Great video I love that !!
  • ares515


  • Dorfzocker75


    good coaching skills, good voice
  • kukkiwonBG


    Losing sleep because bad plays (or any plays in general) in not a good thing.
    You definitely need to work on that :)
  • yomatiyo


    OMG I wanna be Diamond =(
  • veriz


    Thanks for the vid, I do really like explanations. Keep going the great stuff!
  • Magic567


    yes, I like it)
  • Nivlem


    The second hand, where you have 45. Is checkraising the flop not an option? I think checking might induce him to bet with missed hands as well as some made hands that would fold to a check/raise. (AJ might, 88/99/TT would as well.)

    Should he check back the flop, you realize your equity from the straight draw for free.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback!

    Check out my facebook page and get the latest important Poker news updates (like the recent Full Tilt acquisition by Groupe Bernard Tapie) delivered right to you.

    Also, BRAND NEW all Free training materials (for Likers only) will be posted soon! :D


    Ok, shameless plugging over...on to the questions!...
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Melvin,

    It's not a bad line to take, and one I could mix in vs very aggressive opponents from time to time.

    However, the main thing I was worried about here was if it went check-check, he could perceive that as me showing weakness, then if I bet turn and river he'd call me down lighter.

    This opponent seemed likely to x back all his medium strength hands.
  • kazediel


    The 33 hand. Isn't just calling the turn just better? You don't need to raise 'cause you do not need to protect your hand
  • kazediel


    Forget it xD Things of pausing the video xD
  • kazediel


    About the 76o hand: You are forgetting an important fact here, the image your opponent may have of you. If he has an avg Sb steal fo 50% means he is going to steal around 80% to nits, and 30% against though opponents, not very often a player opens exactly the same hands on SB against SB, even if he is a 24 table player

    I'm glad to see this kind of videos but Ibet you could have found harder hands. I don't play BSS and still took te correcto choice on all hands! :P
  • RockyRaccoon


    Hey Ryan,
    Great video, i think the most important thing to take from it is to think "how is it going to play out and what am i trying to accomplish". Enjoyed it big time.

    His flop raise range is super strong like you said. You dont have the odds to chase your draw, but considering turn play, shouldnt you call anyway? I mean on the turn you gonna fold if u miss, and call extra 300$ if u hit with him drawing to full house. Isnt that enough to make call better than fold ?
  • RockyRaccoon


    Math to support:
    if we miss we lose extra 138 (-138*0.82= -113,16$)
    if we hit we win extra pot before we call + his stack = 770 (770*0.18= +138.6).

    Result: EV(call) = +25,44 $.

    If my math is correct, and our assumption (on every turn card he shoves) is correct too it looks like call is +EV.
  • Benps


    Hi Doom,
    First thx for the vid!:)
    Second: I will have to completely disagree with your thinking process w/ 33 on AKx 3.
    Imo this is such a result-oriented analysis: because you're afraid to get c/r and face the top of his range you're gonna cback and miss value vs a range that you dominate? (9 combos AK vs 6 combos sets).
    Agree if you have the read that villain doesn't play AK this way, the play is okay.
    But top2 for a fish in a 3b pot pbly has the same value as sets of KK and AA in his eyes.
    Raise turn/and happy snap. ;)
  • daberndl


    vid sucks tbh, in the first hand you completely forget the foldequity you got against a loose squeezer if he only shoves Ak, jj+, your spot sucks because you dont 4-bet/call and make it easy ;).

    as played bet/folding half pot sucks as well, if i bet i bet like 1/4 pot, giving us better odds for potential bluffs and him a very poor spr for check/shoving, if the midstack is agressive i dont mind check/decide as well

    45s hand, actually i think that you got some foldequity there, most taggish players do not raise their nuts on this flop in my experience, they possibly raise AA and KK for protection, so i just shove the flop.

    and why do we need to add the money he got left to his flopraisesize? obviously he will shove the turn most of the times, but that doesnt change our odds at all and if his range is as strong as you think it is our implieds are huge, since he never folds one hand of the range you gave him and doesnt bluff a decent amount of the time.

    would be nice if you could go in detail here, because you didnt really say why we should add his stack to his flopraisingsize and for me that sounds very wrong ;)

    agree on the 33 hand, call turn would be much better, we can still raise the river if we think we should and keep his range wide

    76o flopraise doesnt suck that much because its not a flop that he should be 3-betting that offen, so you can check behind the turn if you want to see the river or barrel him off a huge amount of semistrong hands, but call flop is definately better.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey daberndl,

    I have to disagree. First you make the mistake of referring to the opponent as a "loose squeezer" when we was not. I'm not sure if you're suggesting 4 betting and shipping?

    If so that sounds terrible to me. If you're suggesting 4-bet bluffing and folding to a shove, that's an option, but I chose to flat and play my position instead.

    Yes, I agree my $110 bet is horrible. That why I showed this hand. I say in the video it's a "Mistake I made" ;) and then explain what I should of done to play the hand more optimally.

    @45s, I 100% disagree. There's no way, this playing is raising half his stack and then folding. Shoving would be very bad here.

    I add his remaining money to his raise size bc it's nearly 100% to be bet on the next card. So his raise is the same as a shove.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey kazediel,

    When I say he's stealing at 50% from that position, I mean that's my estimate of what he's stealing vs me. I would never just look at HUD stats and accept them as "accurate."

    You are absolutely right that he (may) be opening different %s vs different players and that is all accounted for in my 50% estimate.

    Great fact to point out though :)
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Rocky,

    You're forgetting the possibility that we may turn perfect, get all in and then he may fill up on the river. In fact, if we do hit and ship, we are then only 77.3% to win (not 100%.) And 22.7% to still lose our stack.

    (+770 * .773) + (-452 * .227) = 595.21 -102.63 = +$492.58 in EV in the case where we hit turn (instead of +$770)

    So it's (-$138*0.82= -$113.16) if we miss

    If we hit (+$492.58*0.18 = +88.66) if we hit turn

    Therefore this turn call and your plan would be -EV.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Benps,

    I'm definitely a math guy :), but I also play by feel as well. I would of been jaw-droppingly shocked if he showed up w AK there. My read was 78% bigger set, 20% AK, 2% other.
  • daberndl


    didnt mean this special opponent with the TT hand, but u also said that u fold against ppl that squeeze 20% in that spot if they only shove AK JJ over your 4-bet, which is definately horrible ;)

    45s is not a shove because we can see the turncard before he can put the rest in, which is a difference in my opinion
  • YourDoomPoker


    I'm confused, do you recommend that I call a 5 bet shove with TT vs a player who only shoves AK, JJ+? :/

    I explain in post #21 why we cannot continue in the 54s hand.

    Hope that helps! :)
  • daberndl


    it actually does, ty

    and yeah, as long as he 4-bet/folds 80% of the time
  • IronPumper


    Interesting vid^^

    in you post at number 21, you have said that even if we hit perfectly on the turn, we have only vs. his madehandrange 77,3% EQ.
    I guess that you have cnsidered only his setcombos and have forgotten about the possible AJ-combos and preflop slowplayed KK/AA-combos.

    as played,
    isn`t here a Donkjam anyways better than a C/Call?
    I mean, even if it is unlikely that he has air here (which beats you), it is not 100% impossible.
    Unless he would never continue bluffing his rarely air on the turn, then likely checking to C/C of course is still better.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Yes, I meant vs his actual holding. His range is weighted so very heavily towards sets. AJ,KK,AA are "possible" but unlikely and I don't include all of them in his Equilab range as that would not be a fair approx of his actual range.

    However if you do include KK+, flatting the $138 is now pretty close to 0EV, but since I think he plays sets like this almost all of the time and KK+,AJ like this only some of the time (if ever) the flop flat is still -EV.

    As played, if you're planning a xC on the turn, then yes a donkjam is better.
  • IronPumper


    all right,
    thx for answering^^
  • yomatiyo


    Amazing vid...

    when u ask what to do in TT hand, I answer "I bet BIG", something like 165 170usd, so the fish feel commited whit a lot of crap, and then I can easily fold to a ch/shove from the reg, cause now he is not ever ch/shoveing, cause I really looke like trying to commit the fish.
    About cheking, is better than betting 110usd yes, but dont u think u give free cards to 2 players whit potencional OC? I will understand that whit JJ or QQ if we flat the sqz, but wwhit TT, are we stronge enought?.