MTT $109 Session Review part III

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Fullring
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PokerStars series Session Review

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  • timukasr


    I think I can understand his all-in on that flop (where you would have got straight flush). He has 2 pairs on such draw heavy board and he thinks its enough to win the shortstack but the problem is that you may have OESD or flushdraw and he knows that only way too scare you off is going all-in (because you don't have odds to call that shove). I would have done the same thing I think.

    Some comments about the Session reviews:

    Wow, I have to say I have really enjoyed those three videos. It's not just poker education but interesting is to hear your psychological state, your fears, how you lose your hope and get i back again, how you are scared of opponent and then feel so confident after you bust him (milleresuck really sucked) and let's not forget that you were so tired on that final table (your voice got more tired too through out the videos, which added reality to those videos). It was like watching a good movie. I have been to some final tables in tournaments which last long hours and I too have felt like you have felt but in the end winning the tournament (of course if you get 2nd or 3rd place you are still a winner) is greatest feeling in that point and you feel that everything was worth it.

    Really enjoyed those three and can't wait for more. Congratulations on your win!
  • zubrils2


    I'm not an expert in tournaments but I think that spot with A high flush draw and gut shot was a good spot to get rid of 2 players considering your stack size. But still it was really, really close in my opinion. My point is that calling there should be ok.

    Overall I did really enjoy the tournament. Thank you for letting us to have it.
  • snova


    очень хороший анализ игры
  • kisgali


    Great vids!!! Congratulations on winning!!
  • K4B0NG


    Thank you for post this three videos!Congratulations!
  • x3nophob1a


    Интересно, много ли из смотревших дошли до конца.;)
  • VinneRrr


  • sanek550


    Анализ игры абсолютно средний,вернее,как учили в книжках...
    Видео очень слабое,а как вспомнишь,что оно в разделе обучение,а не развлечение:)+еще и для платины...Вся игра сводится примерно к :карата >АТо рейз-попал во флоп ставка 1\2б,нет игра чек\фолд...Это,что СНГ за 1$ ??
    х\а очень слабый,посмотрев 2 мин сразу понял,что х\а герой проиграет,так и происходило 20мин,благо зашло два раза,а опп(тот еще игруля)-проплатил!
    Ех,нам бы таких на СНГ за 10$...:)
  • paranoik7777


  • Csengele


    Very good video, i very liked it!
    I was fan of when you bring mental stuffs to the game, i cant express myself how i like when you start to push yourself to the limits like a psychological video, good work! My fav poker video:] The observer can easily imagine him/herself to your skin... Flawless:D

    It makes the video really friendly and naturistic:]

    42:31 And as i said before, it can clearly observe, what mental state you had in this video, you have really a backdoor straight and flush draw:] not only backdoor flush draw:]

    Anyway GG! keep up! More psychological video for the plebs!:D