Mistake They've Made

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In the new Video by YourDoomPoker, he looks at mistake that were made by his students, and makes analysis on certain spots for discussion.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • BeCreativ3


    Great as usual :) You are a phenominal analyst. Its really nice listening to your explanations.
    The first hand is a little bit weird, because we'd look weak with the calldown, and he could shove the river with a high (depending on how the board develops), because with a good bet sizing on the flop and turn by him, we wouldn't feel safe calling a jack, or any worse holding, to a shove.
  • BeCreativ3


    Sorry, I mean the 2nd hand :)
  • Darkzzz


    Nice video. I'd like to see the hands where your flop raise gets called. Just to see how you continue on different flops and vs different players after they call.
  • horsetranquilizer


    lol@some of these flop raises
  • rosi1992


    great stuff.i have a question.what range do you 3bet from the blinds against a steal? you said in the video that you dont like his 3bet with small Ax suited.so i guess you 3bet with premiums,any? pocket,suited connector?thanks
  • IronPumper


    nice vid, as usual - thank you very much;)

    1st hand (Ts9s): Agree that this is a great spot in general to bluffraise in a high freq., but you have of course better hands in your range than a 3-outer - anyways, i don`t mind it.
    What would be your exact turnplay given the SPR there if you would turn your str8?

    2nd hand (Tc8c):
    Agree with you 100% on your adviced flopplay for your reasoning.
    You have said then that vs. an aggro bareller, we can jam turncards like 9, Q... -> but isn`t that again somewhat unoptimal (like a flopraise) b/c actually most valuehands of your range would call only the turn, exspecially vs. an aggr. baraller?
    What you think about just calling again?
    Sure, we will be able rarely to doublefloat an aggr. REG, but isn`t this disadvantage outweighted b/c we would have much more implieds?
  • IronPumper


    Min. 30 - 22:
    You show pretty well that we would have enough FEQ vs. the REG, if he would cbet 100%.
    The last point must not be true imo, b/c maybe he will not cbet 100% of his range being OOP 3-way with an fish involved.
    Secondly, of course the fish will also have here something in some % -> so we have less FEQ then Hu.
    Sure, from time to time you can throw here a raise in, but won`t you agree that this is not good to make it 100%? -> b/c we have way better buffhands like KQ, KJs, QJs, QTs, JTs with also the BDFD -> hence when we do it too often, then our frequencies will be very high, for bluffraising here.
  • YourDoomPoker


    You know it's coming...


    Boom. And there it is :D

    A FREE complete sample hand is now available for everyone to view on my Facebook page!
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks BeCreativ3!

    If you feel like villain is capable of a 3 bar bluff (given your dynamic) then you should shove turn to completely shut out that possibility. There are very few hands he can have to call you with here and if he does happen to call, you have outs.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Good suggestion Darkzzz...I'll keep it in mind for a future video.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey rosi,

    I prefer to 3 bet with a polarized range. Value hands plus good bluffing hands like small suited connectors and 1 gaps. 54s,65s,76s,87s, 75s, etc...
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Ironpumper,

    1) Great question. It's a weird spot. I'd want to be careful that I'm not being trapped by a flush. But I also don't want to give a free spade on the river. So it's really player dependent on what I think about his flatting range OOP on a monotone board. No easy answer here. I'd either bet and go w the hand, or x back the turn and call any non-spade river.

    2) I agree and prefer to call any turn, unless the opponent has a high likelihood to 3 bar bluff. In that case, I prefer to shove turn to eliminate that possibility.

    min 30) Well, he should be c betting 100% here on this flop in this spot; I would be :)

    Yes, I agree that 22 is not an optimal hand for a bluff raise given our low equity and low # of outs. So it's more of a situational/game flow type play to mix in there sometimes. We do not want to be bluff raising this spot 100% of the time.

    I wanted to point out a non-optimal example to show you that in a single-hand vaccum it's +EV to bluff raise in this spot.
  • odineH


    nice video :D so sick!