Exploitability in Heads-up Sit n' Goes

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Heads-up
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In Collin's second video, he explores the specifics regarding exploitability in Heads-up SNG's. Collin displays how we can use our opponents statistics to our advantage and gain an edge during the game & provides much in-depth discussion about each hand.


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Comments (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second video from Collin. Please leave your feedback in English!
  • Bomschikiwauwau


    Good vid, very detailed and clear explanations for basic adjustements to different player types.
  • Aist84


  • thazar


    nice one
  • miskokvo


    nice vid :) .. little off topic but can you tell me where i can change shoving "Hero" in hem? and download pokerstrategy hem leyout for my vids? thx a lot
  • poker4me


    options -> player aliases -> add alias (name hero)-> add your screennames and use ur created alias
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks, glad people are enjoying the video.

    Miskokvo sent you a friend request request so that I can PM you the DL link.
  • PaulDusel


    Nice Video! I like your calm and sober way of explaining. But one small thing, at about 3:10 villain calls our c-bet on AQ7 with 66 and in min 8:20 you assume that he'll fold 77-55 on KJ4. Seems somewhat inconsist.
    But very good vid. Keep it up.
  • Tim64


    02:30 95o; good explanation of why the preflop raise is good. Am I right, however, that cbetting air once we have been called by this guy may be bad (and in fact turn a profitable play into a losing one)?
  • Tim64


    Another really strong video. Thank you.
  • CollinMoshman


    Paul, that's a very good observation. I think you definitely have a point there, although based on his cumulative 50% fold to cbet stats (albeit not the largest sample), I do think that the 66 call is a bit uncharacteristic for this player. But I still agree with your point and should have left 55-77 in his range for that reason :)

    Tim64, I also agree that it's a pretty marginal c-bet, but the betting sequence overall should still be profitable.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the video.
  • Demonic226


    What would you say is a sufficient sample for the fold to steal in BB to be somewhat reliable? (esp for 6/9max where the HU is often small)
  • Falco35


    Nice vid!
    min 23:00 88
    I agree that 88 is to strong to fold, but I think its close. Because Villain didnt 3Bet ATo few hands before, and this makess me a little bit unsure what to do with 88. I dont know if its -EV to Fold in this spot? But the fact that Villain didnt 3Bet ATo 2,3 hands before its very close imo.
  • FredDoof


    excellent video! Thanks!