Beating the Heads-up Sit & Go

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In the third Video from our Sit & Go Legend CollinMoshman, we are introduced to his strategy to beat the Heads-up Sit & Go. Enjoy the video and please leave any feedback you may have for Collin!


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Comments (21)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third video from CollinMoshman! Please leave any feedback & comments below.
  • Bjoerniboy


    just listened to the first 30 sec and I gotta say: 2 days ago (sunday) i sat exactly 14 hours in 5k lobby, had one game! :D

    anyway, cool stuff, nice that Moshman is doing videos for :)
  • ii40747


    Great, keep em commin :)
  • thazar


    nice one again
  • zilltine


    so, in the beggining you explain what is effective stack and how wide you should open button. Platinum video, really?
  • bj355


  • Gerovit


    ahaha "we are not going to type it in to chat box" sounds like a solid piece of advice...
  • Gerovit


    @5 yeah but later one! Man you are missing some awesome stuff...
  • CollinMoshman


    Bjoerniboy, you're a baller! While action may be slow at that level though, there's definitely more HUSNG running at higher levels compared to say 9-man SNG.

    Zilltine, I definitely agree that topics like effective stack aren't advanced, but I felt it was important to at least touch on the fundamentals in a HUSNG classroom-style video. I hope you did find interesting material after the early part?

    ii40747, thazar, and Gerovit, very glad you enjoyed the video.
  • LgWz


    I love the smile in the slide you say not to rematch LAGs :D
  • zilltine


    "I hope you did find interesting material after the early part?"
    That hurts my soul.
  • AndreNC


    Keep doin the great job!very nice content
  • Tim64


    Also found this v useful. Many thanks!
  • luizsilveira


    Yup, faily basic but quite nice and interesting fairly basic video :)
  • Nikili


    nice vid!
    where do i get the roi simulator?
  • zarsky


    #2 Bjoerniboy
    Just gotta wait for some sunday million champ to think he's a god of poker.. that's all it takes
    (maybe some people know what I'm talking about ;)
  • zarsky


    #15 +1
    Can anyone give a link?
  • Falco35


    I totally agree.
    An interesting and solid vid even if theres a lot of basic stuff. Because these stuff is very important
  • bashpepe89


    very interesting, thx a lot
  • nineshine


    incredible video moshman, thank you
  • avipera


    ranges for raising IP and defending OOP are waaay too tight. I understand these are meant to be the base minimum you raise or defend, but OOP range you give is like 30%..IP, I'd just minraise