Phil's Drills 5 - Badugi - Theory

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In part five of the exotic game series by PhilShaw, we explore the game theory behind Badugi.


10 game series with philshaw badugi draw series thematic video Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the fifth part of the mixed-game series from PhilShaw! Please leave any feedback or comments you may have for Phil. Thank you!
  • nekrikstas


  • deibelchen


    on the one side, its a nice vid and i hope it will bring some more players to the badugi tables. also, i really like to watch your live-session.

    but on the other side, it might make the game harder, since now everyone can get this great content :( ;)
  • junglemandan


  • junglemandan


    where do you get the information for things such as avg hand for dealt pat badugi?
  • EuanM


    Stayed tuned for the live session deibelchen! Thanks for the feedback!
  • PhilShaw


    thanks guys, one correction in the b v td slide it should say that dealt pat rough king vs a good tri is 50/50, not any dealt pat!
  • PhilShaw


    thanks guys, one correction - in the td v badugi slide it should say that a good tri vs a rough pat king is around 50/50, not any pat!
  • PhilShaw


    Hi Dan,

    there isnt much info on Badugi on the web unfortunately although average dealt badugi is a commonly know fact, if you have any specific qs pls let me know here or im sure that ps can give you my details.

  • dumBBass


    Great video, thank you.
  • usete


    One question, does HM or another program support Badugi?
  • DaineMudda


    Pokerhands is the best program for Badugi as far as I know. If you need help getting it to run just pm me in the com tool.

    Hi Phil,
    This is a really good video but
    at about 26 minutes you say that you got 7 outs against a T-Badugi. But actually with A23 vs T987 there are only 6 outs you can hit because one out is blocked by your opponent. This also applies for the 8 and 9-Badugis and the Q-Badugi, generally for all situations vs a pat hand. The odds you name to keep drawing against these Badugis do fit though.