Pink Performance - Part 6

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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In the sixth part of Pink Performance, vonki & TwiceT are still using the replayer format to conduct a review of the hands played in previous sessions. Enjoy the video!


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • DanielK


    Have fun with vonki and twicet the sixth time ;-) Please keep the comments in english!
  • luckylooser88


    ty for the video!
  • kacsa1st



    QQ vs AA i would also 3bet the isoraise (as TwiceT and fold for limp/4bet even if he was fish!! u could save some $

    and at 40min AQ insta sqeez/call IMO!!
  • kacsa1st


    i whole i like this video much!!!

  • kacsa1st


    *in whole :)
  • Falco35


    QQ is difficult spot imo. I also cant folding but Im playing HU so.^^
    Think vonki is playing very well even if these are pure ValueHands.
  • vonki


    Yea, sorry about all of the valuehands guys :) I guess it can get a bit boring for some.

    I just don't overbet as a bluff close as often as I do for value ;D Maybe that's something TwiceT should teach me ;)

    So again, sorry for all the valuehands, I'll make sure in the future we'll deal with some tricky folds aswell! <3
  • kozmi55


    Great video!

    May I ask which poker room is this? There are more fish at nl25-50 then at Pokerstars nl10 :D
  • matusko


    Good video overall, even though some hands werent rly interesting.
    A8 hand I rly rly like c/r the flop, esp vs nl25/50 players since they are overall very paranoid and most regs will be like "hes reping nothing"
  • matusko


    sry, "shes reping nothing" :P
  • kozmi55


    oh... now i noticed, it's party poker :D
  • Endurx


    QQ is really close and frm my experience guys doesnt limp 3bet squeez worse than AQ+ TT+ who knows if he call all those hand on our shove, also its hard to say that CO doesnt ever had AA because on his place i would just call it pre flop.
  • yomatiyo


    How can I make a HUD like vonkis? is great to put the stats all around the player, cause u can put a lot of stats more.
  • yomatiyo


    Why is intresting the last hand? xD potbet flop, 85% turn, and allways allways call river or just bet for value.
    I whink that it would be intresting if we bet and he shoves, and I think it is still a call cause there is a millon draws flop and turn.
  • MathhNes


    @3 dont like your reasoning at all, in fact i think it is very flawed. I personally think QQ is about optimizing our EV yet you only talk about saving money with QQ versus a fish which makes absolutely no sense and is actually just made from being result oriented.
  • MathhNes


    Oh and btw i think we optimize our EV vs the fish and overall in this particular spot by playing exactly like Vonki did, nh
  • MathhNes


    I have a question regarding the AK hand. My thinking is this. And please let me know if i'm missing something:

    When we overbet his continuing range becomes smaller and therefore he might sometimes just throw away Kc5c on the flop which he may have called with. So his possible continuing range versus an overbet could look like this:

    Board: KhTsQs
    Equity Win Tie
    MP2 49.40% 48.74% 0.66% { K9s+, QTs+, J9s+, Ks8s, Js8s, 9s8s, Ks7s, Ks6s, Ks5s, Ks4s, Ks3s, Ks2s, KJo-KTo, QTo+, J9o+ }
    MP3 50.60% 49.93% 0.66% { AsKd }

    And our equity doesn't look to be quite good enough? I do agree that there is many pair + draws on this board texture but my problem with the overbet in this spot is that our equity versus his range is quite poor since a hand like TJ has reasonable equity versus us. Can you please explain why you like overbetting still? Do you make other assumptions about his continuing range or did i miss something significant?

    Thank you
  • MathhNes


    The Ak hand is @ 17:40
  • kacsa1st


    i ve never seen anyone who limp/4bet worse than KK!!
    and when the fish folds i'd go broke againts the isoraiser !
  • TwiceT


    mathhnes, vilain plays 55/17 dont give him too much credit. ofc sometimes he flops a set or 2pair. forget those scenarios. we never fold our hand anyway. way too often we are ahead here.

    imo its not true, that we "tighten" his flop calling range by much with overbetting. Kc4c etc etc is not folding ever. for him AQ, T8, K2 is a hand he doesnt fold vs 1 bet

    since the flop is so wet its extremely likely the board gets ugly till R. so if he has T9, AT, Q9 etc we want to make sure he doesnt see bad cards so he could potentially find reasons to fold AT on T or R
    overbetting essentially makes it a 2-street-postflop hand which is great for us vs his mid card range. vs low sc or pp, obv we dont get a call. but he is not folding 77 waaaay more often vs overbet than vs 3/4 bet. this part of his range is folding anyway. maximising / overbetting here means for me he has a pretty inelastic calling range once he has a hand within the group of hands he decides to call. T9 obv calls 1 bet cuz he has "hit" the flop. his hand matches so he wont fold vs one bet. not even if its 3x pot
  • Tim64


    Great stuff, guys. Nice lines and reasoning by both. I would also instinctively squeeze AQ, but it's clear that at NL25 we have to take some lines that we wouldn't take at higher limits because the benefit of keeping the fish in outweighs the preflop plus from sqzing.
  • pokerprons


    @7 I don't mind the valuebetting. It helped me so much! I'm already using it a lot more!
    Great video!
  • vonki


    #13: I don't know lol. I got it off someone else who got it off HEM forums and modified it.

    Thanks for comments guys, glad TT answered your Q's Mathnes, if you have any further don't hesitate! That goes for all of you :) <3
  • hardo


    Very nice video seri'ss and nice spots!like your style vonki keep it up and hope for more:D
  • windrider777


    love the videos - so much fun listening to both of you. like the questions u ask vonki and of course the analyzing by TT - deep thoughts and perfect explanations! lookin forward to the next videos, think adapting to nl100 is a rly interesting schedule.
    keep it up <3
  • primorac


    "Ovmih" from min. 43 is probably a Bot.
    But I have to say: Nice programming! ^^


    @A8dd: overshove donk the rivr?
  • jojokast


    The first hand: I see Villian a lot on hands with pair+ str8 draw like t8, qj,89,kj so i would prefer a raise on the turn. I think the turn donk is rarely the nuts and much more a hand that doesn't want to c/c or c/r
  • zaboo


    You don't have to be balanced vs fishes, so overbetting fishes for value is just a exploitive play and you dont have to care about overbetting for bluff (to balance)

    I would like too see some of your bluffs as well as valuehands in the next vid (if there will be one) ;)