Phil's Drills 6 - Badugi - Practice

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In the sixth part of the series by PhilShaw, we are following on from the Theory video of Badugi and shown how to apply these in a practical sense at the table.


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Comments (12)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the practical side of things with Phil at the Badugi tables! We look forward to your questions & feedback!
  • EuanM


    For the Theory part:
  • bj355


    How about 5 card draw?
  • uTz84


    PL 5 Card Draw would be nice indeed
  • evilknivel41


    vote for PL 5 CD!
  • jbpatzer


    PL 5CD obviously!
  • chenny8888


    good vid :)
  • tolthor


    PL 5CD!
  • Canne


    more Badugi content! :)
  • dumBBass


    Another great video. I really like your approach. Hope you would record some more. FLOmaha hi/lo would be great, all Stud variants would be great, another Triple Draw and Badugi videos would be just awesome.
  • renempaz


    Thanks for the video! I didn't know absolutely nothing about Badugi, not even the rules, but I saw this video and it helped me A LOT to play WBCOOP #3 event: Limit Badugi, 225 players. I finished in 7th and shipped a $33 ticket to SCOOP. Thank you again!
  • piotereczek


    nice video but , WE want more badugi videos !!!!!!!!!