Beating 179 Men

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33 - $38
  • Fullring
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In this video, our SnG-Expert, Collin Moshman, talks through the various strategies we should employ to ensure the best chance of beating the 180-Man Sit & Go. Moshman also discussed how to employ dynamic ranges in accordance with previous hands at the table, as well as in accordance with a specific opponents tendencies.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video from Collin!

    Please leave your questions & feedback below for Mr. Moshman!
  • vidrata


    Love the title! :)
    Another excellent video Collin, as usual!
  • Saruniks


    please!!!! make it for silver...
  • janushr


    real title would be Beating 178 man:)wd,anyway,nice vid...nice approach and iso shove stuff,thats why its prolly shorter,i would like to see some more flop play as well,it was too fast rewinded:)
  • JayGatsby


    Hey Colin,

    I really like your rethoric skills, you explain everything so clear and short.

    Iso-Shoving is really a common leak even many good players have, nicely explained on the short slide.


  • JustgAMblin


  • uTz84


    Great vid, I think you are on of the best coaches on the planet. :)
  • etnogvozd


    Great great video coach!!! thx alot for that one!! :D
  • yeokmatey


    great video mate opened up my eyes a bit with the iso shuv's cheers
  • Mindfucker666


    Way to pick your staking team Collin. Monteroy = huge ass
  • Targetme


    just when I said they needed more 180 vids ;p
  • Targetme


    I dont like the 44 fold only one mp had him near covered and the rest had 10 bb or less and were still flippin vs his ak aq
  • encani38


    hello , is posible translate.

  • pokerjan


  • Meatfly404


    Thx Collin. Hoping to see more of these.
  • Wombat


    Great vid Sir !
  • Kyrikiou


    VN1 !! Thanks x)
  • ThreeFour34


    So poker is all about shoving more or less 30% of all hands and hoping to be at least 1:2 and get lucky most of the times?
  • madein1984


    15:51 what do you think of reshoving there? We have blockers for most premium hands, with his stack he can open quite a lot, espacially since we are close to bubble. There's a lot of dead money if he folds, and busting at this stage is generally not a huge desaster in the 180mans because of the payout structure.
  • Spockomatic


    Great video! Wide Iso shoving hasn´t been part of my play, mainly because I overlooked it! I can use this in SnGs also, can´t I?
  • crabluva


    great analysis, especially of the HU play.
  • livelydolphin


    Agree with #19, esp since it's 6 handed.
  • Schmuvness


    #5 This !
  • CollinMoshman


    Targetme, could you remind me please what time in the video that hand occurs? Then I'll be happy to take a look.
  • CollinMoshman


    ThreeFour, when it comes to turbo MTT/MTTSNG, yes a huge part is seizing opportunities to get HU with a lot of overlay even when you're less than 50% against your opponent's. In the short term you're often hoping for some luck, but in the long term it's a very winning approach.
  • CollinMoshman


    Madein1984 and livelydolphin, Looking back I agree that this would be a very reasonable shove -- thanks for pointing that out.
  • CollinMoshman


    Spockomatic, Yes you can use it in 6-max/9-man SNG as well, but the criteria for isoshoving become a bit stricter with the ICM tax. Having a profitable call against shover's range given the overlay now needs to be evaluated from an ICM perspective instead of just Equilab analysis/cEV.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks very much for the nice words and feedback Jay Gatsby, Vidrata, Janushr, Justgamblin,utz84, etnogvozd, yeokmatey, jantheone771, Meatfly404, Wombat, Kyrikiou, Spockomatic, Crabluva, and Schumuvness. Appreciate that!

    Any other questions/comments feel free to fire away.
  • Zeezout


    Very interesting vid!

    Learning about Iso-shove this way for the first time and i am definately going to use that :)

  • bonebt


    nice video, iso shoving concept well explained

    btw when we are on this topic what is your opinion in this spot
  • crazittle


    wow! the best vid i see lately around the poker training world. thx Collin!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Zeezout and crazittle.

    Bonebt in the thread you link to, I'm always getting it in in that hand. I'll post a quick comment in the thread itself as well.
  • zaboo


    Actually it was beating 178 men ;)
    Good vid, looking forward to next parts, I really liked the Iso-shoving concept explained with this 2 rules
  • Remoska


    Thank´s for the video:

    First question:

    05:07 A9s from MP2 fold ... 06:53 A9o from MP2 open shove - why?
  • mktpppr