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In the new video from RainmanTrail, he plays Seven Card Stud High at the $2/$4 tables as per a community request! Enjoy the video and leave your feedback for the Rainman!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Stud video from the Rainman! We welcome your questions & feedback!
  • Janek203


    Hey rainman! I just saw your video and liked it a lot. I usually do play fixed limit holdem, but I like to play stud hi from time to time on lower limits. My question is: how can I make my stars software not hide the other players cards, that have foldet - because this is what happens at my tables (and means a big loss of information or at least I do have to remember a lot) and I have seen it does not at yours.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Janek203


    oh, or is this the replayer?
  • InsanityOnFire


    Can you please tell me where to get a replayer for stud?
    Enjoyed the video, thank you for recording these.
  • jimmy99x


    good 1 . nice
  • tolthor


    another nice video, keep em coming ...
  • RainmanTrail


    Yes, this is played from a HH replayer
  • texaslimit



    I play quite a bit Stud myself,and Im curious about a Hand at 30min Mark.Actually more in what you say; that still calling with a Pair of 9s only is pretty bad.
    Generally I agree, and fold alot of Stuff on 5th(I assume you mean 5th) and I dont limp in, but all that aside, given starting Hands/cards and a T limping before us too,w a 9*|9c I wouldnt fold 5th there since you could have Spades,3overs,etc. aswell.
    I could go more into Detail, but Im pretty sure its obvious what I mean.
    Do you still stay with that statement?Because if so, I probably have a Leak in that Regard.
  • texaslimit


    Altho I feel like there is no other Way in agressive/laggy Games,as a Fundation for 2/4 a Fold probably is best tho.*|9c4h7h&h2=T*|Ts7sQh&s=generic

    Surprising howmuch EQ there is imo.
  • texaslimit


    (obv * aint totally right more like <9, but still around 35%)
  • Gallagher


    Surprised by all the positive comments. I thought the video was fairly bad to be honest. There were only 1 or 2 interesting spots and I think a couple of hands were misplayed.

    Why spent 8 minutes on the KsQs6s hand that is a trainwreck from start to finish? I disagree the aces should ever fold on 4th getting 5.5:1 being completely live and having a 3flush as well.

    14:00 I am not sure I like the passive defend here with 976 without any reads whatsoever. Our pair cards are fairly dead and a dead 10 certainly doesnt help our hand either. We are lucky that we hit two perfect cards and our opponent probably cant beat a pair of sixes on 5th but honestly this looks like a fold on 3rd without any reads.

    With the TQT hand you can make a strong point of calling 3rd, unless the guy holding the king is that loose.

    The rest of the video are basically standard 3rd and 4th street decision aside of the no-brainer split kings hand.

    I am thankful for every Stud content but I honestly don't see the point of this video.
  • RainmanTrail


    @ 9,10,11
    Yes, I stick by my statement that the villain holding 9s should be folding this hand unimproved on 5th street (if he indeed just has a dry pair of 9s). The problem as you've mentioned is that best case scenario for him is that we are on straight and/or flush draw with overs. This is a pretty bad spot for him. However, if you add in the fact that we can (and do) have TTQQ and he doesn't have overs, he's in really bad shape if he only has a dry pair of 9s. If he has a backup draw (like a gutshot or 2 runners for a flush etc) then calling 5th would be ok.
  • RainmanTrail


    @12 This video is meant for beginners. It is a 2-4 limit game and our opponents are pretty terrible all the way around. This video is meant to highlight the basics as well as to provide insights on staying out of trouble (ie - the KQ6sss hand)

    re: "Why spend 8 minutes on KQ6sss hand?"

    Perhaps you didn't watch the hand all the way through? I'm not sure, but this hand has a lot of educational value/content. I explain several times throughout this hand why and how it was a "trainwreck" hand. Calling this hand on 3rd street is pretty terrible without question. Also, as a general rule of thumb, you don't want to be calling a double bet on 4th street vs **KK with just AA. He happened to have 3 hearts with his AA, so it was a bit stronger than a random AA.

    re: the 976 defend, I disagree with your criticism on this hand. If you're folding 976 to a random King that is auto stealing (which is a HUGE read, not sure why you say we "have no read" here as he is raising 100% of his range) then you are playing too tight (especially with 11 of our 12 straight cards still live and no dead 8s). A big part of defending this hand is the ability to play back at him on later streets to steal the pot. We aren't playing this hand ONLY to make a straight (if we were, then of course we should fold). We are playing it because we are getting 3.3 to 1 and he has a completely random hand and will have to give up if we show aggression when he has nothing (the majority of the time). Even if you just calculate the odds of us catching a 5,6,7,8,9 or T on 4th street (all good cards for us) and run those odds against his random K, you'll see that 3.3 to 1 is a good price - add in that we can also bluff an Ace or a flush scary board and this is a no brainer call. If you've played much HU LHE (successfully that is), you'd understand the benefits of defending this hand. If you'd like further discussion on this one, feel free to ask questions.

    re: the TQT hand at 28:00 ... I'm not sure what you are saying here. Are you implying that limping with TQT here is the BETTER play? If so, that's too passive. You should be raising this hand.