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A review is conducted of the nine man Sit & Go from Collin, therein we are presented with various techniques we can employ to improve our 9-man game.


hand history review ICM push or fold thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the 9 man SnG review from Collin!

    Please leave your questions & feedback below.
  • uTz84


    Nice one. Hope to see more videos regularly from you.
  • luizsilveira


    Very nice vid.

    I just love how you explain the spots thoroughly, raising hypothetical scenarios and not only the cards on screen. That makes the vid. 5 times more effective and interesting.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Spockomatic


    #3 /sign

    Great job, Mr. Moshman. Keep up the good work and more fullring content, please!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks utz84, luizsilveira, and Spockomatic, very glad you liked the video.

    Feel free to fire away with any and all questions -- if on a specific hand then giving the time in the video would be really helpful, thanks.
  • Mark1790


    Great video, I also love the way you talk about the ranges and not just the cards in play.
    Thank you
  • HeadsUp88


    more plz!!!
  • m4770


    Nice video, Mr Moshman !
    a bit offtopic but: What kind of SNGs are best to grind out SNE next year?
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Mark1790, Headsup88 and m4770!

    For SNE, I'd do a mix of games to be able to table-select as much as possible at mid-high stakes. 9-mans when they're at least average tables, and all MTTSNGs that go at decent stakes. I haven't played enough 50-50 SNGs to have an educated opinion, but those may also be a good candidate to mix in.
  • Antonioull


    Nice 1

    Thx )
  • nekrikstas


    preflop shoving vs. raising small on the bubble when you are the chip lead -- please, when you write an article go a little bit further and explain possible secenarious post flop when called. or it is only cbet/fold left?
  • z4tz


    24:00 You really want to flat out of position here with a little deeper stack? In position i can see it being profitable but out of position it looks bad.
  • Proky11


    Excellent stuff! Thanks for video.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Antonioull and Proky11.

    Nekrikstas, It depends on a lot of factors ofc, but you'll usually c-bet and give your opponent credit for having a strong hand if they play back at you since they're putting their stack at risk on the bubble. With some draws and marginal made hands you'll still have to go with it based on how short the effective stack is.

    Z4tv, to clarify I do agree with Hero's play in the hand of 3bet shoving. But yes, if the effective stack was very deep with another player 5-handed while 2 or 3 players were much shorter, flatting could be reasonable. We're not going to 3bet/fold AK but don't want to get it in against most players in that situation either.
  • mariannapoker


    nice one, great job!
  • s0cru3l


    Thank you very much! Great video.

    22:00 What will you do, if the opponent donkbets blank turn?
  • Puscherbilbo


    In general it is always nice to know sth. about the table in general. A short subdivision into Regs/Fish/unknown might be useful to better analyze certain spots. Perhaps you could ask Hero for a short evaluation together with the HH in the future!? 05:11 Against a 25% pushingrange Nash gives us in SB a callingrange of 14.5%, 33+ A7s+ A8o+ KJs+ KQo.
    Since there are no specific reads on villain and we have a decent enough stacksize i even would suggest calling tighter as he might be tighter as well and a call would seriously harm our own stack. In any case Axs seems really loose vs. unknown.
    05:30 QTs is obv. a call but it might be nice to show a more likely MP3-Range than in the pre-defined Wizardrange. Nash gives roughly 33% and against that range we can call e.g. Q8s+ and overall 32%. It is always nice to know just how much one can call in a specific spot.
    06:50 A5o should still be a fold. MP3 might be tighter than Nash and even if not a call seems extremly marginal. 19.5%, 22+ A2s+ A7o+ KTs+ KJo+ QTs+ JTs is given by Holdemressources although I have to admit that the Beta-Version gives MP3 a few % more which make A5o a +0,03% call. The only scenario in which I could imagine a call would be if MP3 would be a regular that is trying to adapt here because the Blinds are tight calling Fishes. Still I am pretty sure that in general quite a few Regulars are too tight in their overcalling-Range from CO/BU so this is a very valid spot to emphasize. However I am not sure if we already need to accept a negative Edge in this particular spot (or were you already referring to the next hand?). This might be the case because of the Antes involved (I am not used to those this early and I don´t know how they affect ICM or FuturegameEV) but I would assume we won´t get called lightly enough in future spots, so we might find a better spot along the way.
  • Puscherbilbo


    12:43 I was rather surprised that you consider to push atc in this spot. First of Nash gives us 28% here and has 32o on -0,7% vs optimal calling-Ranges. And while one might make the case that BB is not calling ~18% here I doubt if SB is going to be much tighter than the optimal ~10%. I would not even be suprised if SB had a looser Calling-Range than those ~10% (30:52 Hero himself offers a nice example) but that is just my personal experience. In any case I fail to see a scenario where pushing >50% is going to be profitable. Second of you do not even mention the main argument in this spot to loosen up which is a tighter than optimal broke-Range in the BvsB scenario. As we profit quite a bit from this it is only a goof idea to prevent this from happening if we assume it is happening not often enough.
    I would like to add that 30:28 is a completely different matter as it has completely different stacksizes. Even against fairly loose NashCalling-ranges we can shove 100% profitably.
    14:56 T5o is not within HU-Equilibrium but against the specific opponent a push is at the very least debatable. I would not be surprised if villain would call less than 35% which would make this an atc-Spot. Furthermore agains optimal Ranges we loose 0,2% while me gain 0,3% against 30%-Callingrange so the risk/reward of an exploitive play in this spot is very decent.
    26:35 82s This is a very interesting spot. Since we do have a decent enough +EV spot in this case even if we should get called a little bit looser I would prefer the shove here as it is quite hard to find the right balance in the raise/fold and raise/call frequency. Furthermore if you still want to shove certain hands minraising TopofyourRange affects their calling-Range as well. And while we may get the whole spot balanced vs Regs we still have to reckon with weaker players calling a lot (which may not be the case on HighstakesSNG). If we do not have a decent read on our opponent postflop we will have quite a lot of crap which might even cost us money. If we want to avoid the variance of a push a fold might at least be an option here.
    27:44 T6o Since our EV in optimal case is even smaller and we have another riskfactor (BU) involved I would tend to fold this hand. In general I would expect everyone to call with 77+ and AQo+ which is obv. bad but from my experience even Regs
    often do not fold AK here.
  • Puscherbilbo


    All in all you managed to pick two very interesting SNGs with different stacksizes. Furthermore I liked the rather quick replay of uninteresting hands which allowed for deeper discussion of the relevant stuff as it should be in an advanced video.
    So despite we may disagree on certain hands I would like to emphasize just how much I enjoyed watching this video.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks for your advanced analysis and feedback Puscherbilbo, I think those looking through the comments will benefit from reading this. While it may be difficult to address each of the points individually, perhaps we could chat about some of these topics together on a future dual commentary video if you'd be interested? Let me choose one of the comments for now with 12:43. While I agree that pushing ATC is extreme, I would take a negative edge at this stack depth and for the chip utility benefits of getting a stack where we can pwn the 3-handed bubble, leading me to shove wider than Nash. You're right though that 32o will rarely be profitable.
  • ChrizJay



    first of all, really nice comments from Puscherbilbo, very analytically. These are the kinds of comments I want to read here.
    @ Collin, good work, keep on working on this.

    The dual commentary would be very nice :)

    Best Regards
  • Barbarendave


    Great Video!
    I like the way you analyse the situations and what is really great is, that you even talk about hands you don´t play and go into ranges you would shove or call instead of just klicking the foldbutton.
    It´s great that you do not just make the video, but still are very active later on in the comments so its possible to ask questions and give feedback.
  • jimmy99x


    good video. i liked it . thanks alot
  • spl4t


    i loved that!
  • gehtduer


  • icmnerd


    Great video, Collin! Definitely reviewing my game after this lesson.
    Also thanks to Puscherbilbo for all the debate, I'll be waiting for the duo. :)
  • Laci24


    Great video!
  • grindtolive


    first video i watch by you.It is amazing!!!Thank you