Nazgul's Coaching Project: Omaha - Part 1 (dubbed)

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In this dubbed series from the German community, Nazgul & TomGrill make a PLO50 video together in Nazgul's Coaching Project. Stay tuned for more PLO50 action! Nazgul is a Highstakes PLO Player and he was also Part of the Team Pokerstrategy and played tournaments all over the World! For the Coaching Project three players got selected by Nazgul and he coached them in several Videos and Live Coachings. Now this project is also available for the english Community!


PLO Coaching Project PokerStars series

Comments (40)

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the first Part of the Omaha Coaching Project! It´s dubbed from the german community! Please keep the comments in english.
  • z1pz0r


    Ahahahah lmao
  • otb11


    funny :)
  • D4niD4nsen


    looooooooooooooooooooooool :D:D:D:D haha epic
  • weickenmeier


  • Lacoone


    Sounds definitely like them :D
  • DanielK


    Just for your Information:

    The two voices are spoken by the same dubber! Pretty awesome skills :)

    Thank you "p0rkus" for this work! :)
  • yinpin


    Rofl, the Tom-Voice ... Awesome xD
  • LgWz


    Very nice :D
  • HandOnFire


    Liquid Nazgul from sc ? :)
  • Play4forlife


    Ahahaha, legendary man, absolutely hilarious.
  • Harleyps


    amazing video good work!
  • elfigus


    this video is amazing lol
  • Kevin1505


    Nice Vid!
  • Nazgul


    sick the dubber is a fking genius. laughed so freaking hard :D!
  • p0rkus


    Thanks for the awesome feedback! Always a pleasure dubbing for :)
  • derStud1986


    hahahahaha. OMFG:)
  • gadget51


    p0rkus, you made my day, seriously!
    What was the vid about again!? Lol.
  • MadeInEU


    I thought wtf. Translation from German while so strong russian accent. Who can explain?)
  • p0rkus


    #19 Yeah I did a Russian accent for the second person because it sounds like a different person and it was the accent I was most comfortable with at the time.
  • lui69


    "ok, i understand " ^^ ich denke ma, dass hat inklusive Lachpause 20 std. recording gebraucht ^^
  • lui69


    p0rkus .. how long did it take u recording this ? including breaks for laughings ? :)
  • p0rkus


    #22 I wrote the script for the video, that took about 3 hours. I recorded over the original in one sitting (the original was about 55 minutes long). Finally, I listened to the recording and edited any coughs or sniffs or other things :). So it ended up being just under 5 hours. No breaks for laughing, me doing an accent isn't terribly funny for me :), I was more concerned with getting the voice modifier right in order for it to sound like a different person.
  • p0rkus


    There were breaks involved though... not for laughing, rather for procrastinating :D
  • p0rkus


    Actually I think those numbers are a bit idealistic, consider them to be true if you assume that I didn't stop working at any point, even to scratch something :D. If I were to think about the real numbers I might cry a little on the inside.
  • lui69


    Haha, that i awesome mate ^^ Please let me know if i can help u out with some german accents ^^

    Cheers ! Nice work there
  • Boomer2k10


    p0rkus, can you translate mine from English to AWESOME English please? :)

    Great work guys
  • daveronek


    great vid ! hoping to see more from you.
  • p0rkus


    #27 hehe thanks Boomer:)
  • p0rkus


    Omg what? I just realised who you are, you're English is great and you're from England - Wut's going on here?
  • p0rkus


    *your English is great... * :D:D:D
  • Heffron89


    So good, watched eventhought i dont play omaha, nice one guys :)!
  • bj355


    lol epic
  • whiler


    - yes... im sorry... its my mistake
    - OH CMON NOW!!
    so epic :D
  • georgikolev


    hahaha what a voice.
  • javieralberto


    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA what a funny vid. I am from the spanish community and really enjoy and understand your slow-talk english but the main think is two in one voice!
  • Gex222


    brilliant dubbing !
  • imun1


    best lesson even see at before :)
  • VaceMk


    where can i get this hand tracker ?
  • Fr0z3nByt3


    Sick dubbing skills :)
    Good video