Beating Bounty Sit and Gos

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $30
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Collin Moshman reviews Bounty SNGs in his newest Video. He shows how the Bounty affects your playstyle in the SNGs. And how assign your pushing and callingranges.


bounty Equilab Session Review

Comments (16)

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the Bounty SNG Video from Collin Moshman. Please keep the comments in english.
  • GollD


    translate this please
  • smokinnurse


    14:40 equilab
    for a quicker result you can use the "monte carlo" method instead of "enumerate all"
  • smokinnurse


    a video about adaptions to bounty related situation with just two specific situations?
    and one of them was incomplete (equity calculation KTo vs 2)
    the rest is almost only about standards and HU

    usually i like ur vids, but unfortunately not this
  • Fajer


    Video is good but according to name of it, I think the explanation was a little bit unsatisfactory.
  • etnogvozd


    awesome video, as always) thx coach!
  • CollinMoshman


    Sorry for not returning to the Equilab output at the end of the video. The answer is that we have about 29% equity against those ranges. So it's a very close spot, and as the button showed up with a hand outside of the range assigned, the call isn't unreasonable.
  • CollinMoshman


    #4/#5 Smokinnurse: Thanks for the advice. While a number of the hands didn't involve explicit bounty calculations, I hope the ones that did as well as the discussion on converting the bounty to chips and the methodology for making bounty decisions were helpful? If you post any other bounty hands or general questions, I'm very happy to answer.

    #7 Etnogvozd: Thanks!
  • Pakichu777


    Cool video, but not too much about bounty's :)
  • lui69


    Also the chipstake is getting a higher value depending on what stakes the opponents behind u have .. Not sure if i got it ... Very nice vid so far even due the fact that u did not have thaaaaat many hands ... still it was close ones and important ones .I very like .
  • HariRadovan


    Very good explanations. I liked the vid a lot!
    I think hero plays an interesting style, making some very good plays (like min-reraising 98s in HU) but also some questionable plays. I think the overcall of the allin with KTo is really a poor play. While there is a bounty-price for knocking out players there are also ICM-considerations at work. Also that SNG looked very fishy so I think hero should avoid calling for all of his chips in very marginal spots.
  • Mark1790


    Great video as usual from Colin.
    The explanations are really good.
    I would like to see a hand replayer video where Colin is the hero in a SNG.
  • CollinMoshman


    Pakichu777 and Lui69, thanks very much for the feedback. Many hands in a bounty SNG play the same as a normal SNG as stacks are not put at risk, but in future videos like this I will definitely make sure to incorporate the most hands possible where the bounty (or format du jour) is being analyzed.

    #12 HariRadovan, There are some nice chip utility benefits to winning that 3-handed all-in, but I agree it's a marginal call. Thanks for your feedback.

    #13 Mark1790, Very glad you liked the video. I'm planning to use my own games in my next coaching session based on similar feedback so definitely check that out!
  • cekrse


    Why can't we call with 77? We get 5:1, we have position on 3 Players, the sb seems pretty strong (so high implieds), we have everyone covered (so 375 Chips more ;) !)...
    Isn't that a great spot?
  • melanoleuca


    hi collin i like your vedio. I have a question, how is the bounty's value changes in the 90 man ftp ko sng? in the middle stage every one is nearly double up, but still far from ft, should the bounty worth twice the chips as the beginning?

    and at the early hand of this vedio, hero got a8s on bb. utg limp, sb raise to 150 ,is it good to shove that hand? hero just need 34% to show profit. And I don't think utg was limping monster.
  • melanoleuca


    10:41 i think the range without ante shouldbe 88 and aj not 99 and aq