Saying Farewell to Chart Poker - Part 2 (dubbed)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Enjoy as KTU takes you through the departure from chartpoker and how to effectively play hands which are not expressly mentioned in any chart.


Saying Farewell to Chart Poker series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the departure from "Chart Poker" with KTU!

    Please leave any questions & comments you have for the coach.

    A special thanks to our dubber for the translation & implementation of the English version of the video!
  • Maximus1349


  • vhallee


    Thank you for this part, KTU and p0rkus, I was really looking forward to it.

    @p0rkus: You, sir, are a British Morgan Freeman - I have absolutely no doubt that you can read anything and make it sound classy as hell. Thank you for existing, sir.
  • edismah


    KK hand, I was thinking the same thing on the river, when you played the hand as you did. It is pretty obvious and really not big a deal when A comes. He is calling you almost all the time with Jx there, because that is almost everything he can have there. He is folding a lot A2,3,4 or 45 on turn because you played it so aggressively so that's even more rare in his range. And the next reason is that he has 250bb and they are more inclined to call when they have already won some money. Maybe you lose some money from middle pairs, but still I can see him folding that on turn.

    I would like to ask you about the last hand: What would you do if river was another K or Q(not flush) and he bets 3/4 pot?

    Thanks for vids, looking forward..
  • p0rkus


    #3 so much praise! What can I say other than thank you! Thank you very much!
  • matusko


    Hi, some nice thoughts in the vid.
    1 thing I dont rly get is why dont you 5bet all-in with your 88? If you think his range is rly that wide and not including KK,AA, then you have a very profitable 5bet AI(did the math on it). Or do you think that calling oop is going to have a higher EV? I rly dont think so.
  • plusevinutg


    88 hand. my problem calling on the flop is the turn play. His range is wide. any mid card can help him. what do you do if 9Q10KA hits the board. Do you think he stops betting with a made a hand like Qx10x9x and continue betting with AxKx? there is already 170BB in the pot.
  • lui69


    I know this Vid from the german sectin, thanks again KTU.

    @ p0rkus !! C'mon dude ^^ Why not doin the russian accent ^^
  • luizsilveira


    After the first vid I was looking forward for this one... but I just didn't like it :(
  • luizsilveira


    Just to explain: for 20 min (2/3 of vid) we are seeing a hand that only makes sense because hero has dynamics and strong read on villain and his betsize tells.

    I mean... it's a nice brag an all but I'm a bit stupid: I just can't come up with something I have learnt from the hand. Or the vid, since that hand is the most part of it.
  • p0rkus


    @8 I'm saving it for the dual caochings :)

    @9 several people had that reaction in the other community - don't worry, the next video seems to fit with the spirit of the first one
  • veriz


    #6 - Cause he can get value from those weaker type of hands on the flop from the CB and of course maybe even opponents whole stack as which happened. All weaker hands most likely would just 4bet/Fold there preflop.
  • matusko


    @12 so basicly what you are saying is that we are check/calling any flop? QJ4,KQ2 we check/call with our 88, rly? Or are we just check/calling 1 overcard flops? Our playability oop without iniciative is just so terrible.
    Its just my opinion though, but a 5bet has a pretty high EV, why should calling have a higher one when we are oop vs an agressive player when we will be totally guessing most of the time. I would like calling with a hand like AA or KK so he can bluff off, but here i just think our playability is so bad.
  • KTU


    Hi guys, I know this video doesn't really teach you something specific. It is just meant to show you that sometimes you can think outside the box and do something you wouldn't normally do if you are just "grinding". Call it provocation ;)

    The next video will be more theory based content linked to the gameplan concept.
  • lui69


    # 11 DAMN ! ^^
  • yomatiyo


    WTF hands (L)
  • Sjors777


    Nice vid!
  • AceSteph


    Great style, nice vid again.

    I wouldn't shove KK on the river btw. He could have A5,A4,A3,A2,45 and if he's not folding to cbets he might have picked up a bdnutfd which has a pair now so some combos got there. I also expect him to fold anything less than a J. So if I have to sum the Jx combos and Ax combos or maybe two pairs, straight I think we are not that ahead against this range. But of course I might be wrong. :)
  • AceSteph


    What do you think, villain was thinking of your range that you called preflop, and flop with? Do you think it made sense to shove against this range on river?