The $100 Turbo by Collin

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $105
  • Fullring
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In the new video from Collin, we are taken through a review of the $100 Turbo Sit & Go reviewed in the hand re-player with some commentary from Collin!


hand history review ICM push or fold Session Review turbo

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest review from Collin and leave your questions and feedback for him here!
  • ghaleon


    7:40 AKs as played I would bet around 400 on flop and make it seem like hero might still fold and barrel turn if villain call. IMO makes it more likely villain will give action with weaker hands than just shoving 1.5x pot.

    30:00 83s steal. You mention that this is good spot as we are chip leader now, but that's not such big factor imo when our chip lead is so minimal. Villain can still expect pretty much same fold equity if he shoves whatever we have few hundred more or less than him. But this might depend on lot of a opponent.

    Those zooms are annoying... And video is recorded twice?
  • GollD


    translate waiting
  • CollinMoshman


    First, I apologize for the issues with zooming and the video playing twice. I have uploaded a corrected version and sent a high-priority email to PS to replace the current video. Thank you for bringing that to my attention Ghaleon.
  • CollinMoshman


    7:40 nice alternative line suggestion.

    30:00 Pots like this are critical because we want to maintain the chip lead so that we can abuse the 3-handed bubble, rather than let the player to our left get the CL. You're right though that it's definitely very opponent-dependent as to how often we'll succeed with steals like this.
  • DanielK


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    I immediatelly replaced the video with the new file from Collin.

    Thank you Collin for uploading the new one that fast! :)

    Enjoy now the fixed version!
  • luizsilveira


    Great vid. Collin certainly has great skills for coaching vids, congrats!
  • bashpepe89


  • grindtolive


    83s i think it is an open shove because the bb has the tendency to 3 bet wide but he doesnt call wide because of the stack sizes.Imo 83s r/f is just a bad play

    Last but not least

    someone is running gooooooooooooood :)