Making optimal decisions when facing an All-in

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The latest "classroom" video from Collin Moshman will feature a theory exploration which will benefit any player who watches it - Collin explores manners which allow us to make optimal decisions when facing All-in's.


bubble ICM out thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Have fun with the latest piece of theory knowledge with Collin Moshman - and do leave any thoughts or questions about the video or for the coach, below.

  • HarryGER


    This is bronze content.
  • Bvmcheckking


    nice video
  • Barbulexu


    @2 agree
  • adyev0


    make`it bronze then :D
  • JayGatsby


    Agree, no platin Content and not a very valuable vid imo, especially since there is already a great vid by Pzhon covering the same topic.
  • PokerNoob91


    agree grade it to bronze =)
  • xkinghighx


    lol soo bronze
  • CollinMoshman


    Hi Guys -- Thanks for your feedback. I would've been happy for this to be a Basic or Bronze status video, and will make this suggestion to PokerStrategy.
  • CollinMoshman


    Also I know that Pzhon has an excellent video released in 2010 that discusses calling all-in in SNGs. I would certainly recommend that video as well to anyone interested in the topic.
  • BlackMilk35


    Need a translation into Russian
  • PhantomR32


    No you need to learn English, Russian is useless as a global language.
  • Laci24


    Hi Collin!
    Really good video. Thx! :)
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Laci!

    BlackMilk, wish I spoken Russian so I could accommodate :)
  • zarsky


    btw you can select suits for several hands simultaneously in Equilab :)
  • Dagalaz


    Thanks Collin!
    Nice video.
    By the way, most people of the world speak Chinese !)
  • CollinMoshman


    Nice tip on Equilab Zarsky!

    And thanks Dagalaz, wish I spoke Chinese :)
  • alexutz92


    Hello sir , I have a question.In the hand with Ac9d with 3d9hTd why you didn't put AA, KK, QQ, JJ in the opponent's range? If you'd do that then the chances would be 32 % and the call wouldn't be profitable. Thank you
  • melanoleuca


    nice vedio i like it. i love maths in poker and theory
  • sngkid


    Pretty sure the aa,kk,qq,jj are excluded on basis they wud RR pre, he at a push includes TT as a none RR pre hand. I think its fair to discount them the stronger pairs a large % of time (esp v villain as described), but obv not always and not vs certain villains.