TV World Championship - Heat 1

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Presented with and, enjoy the first episode of the PokerStrategy TV World Championship played in London with various community members - and stay tuned for further episodes!


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  • EuanM


    We are delighted to present the long-awaited, professionally produced, TV World Championship presented with PokerHeaven!

    Enjoy the show and leave your thoughts about the tournament here!
  • oddseidank


    lol donkament
  • smokinnurse


    da habens ja die ganz grossen an den tisch geschafft
    wieviel jahre PS-education mittlerweile?
  • martinemem


    i would loooove to have a seat in that tour
  • ilrasso


    tt vs kt hand says 3% on turn. Equilab says 2.27%
  • Dodozz


    the players did so many mistakes lol
  • Southofheaven


    lol is this for real?
  • ghaleon


    Some comments even though this video is more just for fun.

    12:45 Q7s hand. It is blind versus blind as far as I understood. Decent defend versus 2.5bb SB open raise.

    20:00 Are commentators fully awake? Blinds ARE 2000/4000 and open raise was to 8k and 3bet was to 16k... Hard to raise less than 2bb, right? :)

    60:00 Weird 4bb open raise from Zakharin and for that reason Plinski should have easy fold (should have zero fold equity). Versus minraise resteal shove would have been ok. Especially in live game where resteals tend to get more respect from most opponents.

    65:40 Eaaaaasy 3bet shove!

    But yep cameras and such might give lot of extra pressure and obvious plays might become less so.
  • slipkn6t


    #5 ilrasso, 07.03.12 22:23
    tt vs kt hand says 3% on turn. Equilab says 2.27%

    equilab doesn't discount dead cards.
  • i5bet72o


    Gorkin is a Russian coach, wow he sucks at poker.
    Zaharin seems like your average live fish. Flatting the open raise and then min4betting with lol, just lol.
  • i5bet72o


    Zaharin is calling the Q7s IP, BB has position on the SB postflop
  • i5bet72o


    Also, why the fuck does Zaharin show AQs, let the other guy show KJ, say nice hand and muck your cards, it seriously seems like this guys hasnt played live before.
  • i5bet72o


    lol, Kohen string bet, thats such a rockie move, just announce your action pls
  • i5bet72o


    lol @ the commentator comment: the main point of Polinski ship w/ K7s is to make the other fold, he should know with stack sizes FE is 0%
  • elzockerero


    they play so bad..unbelieveable... why would you show aces? its like they have never played live poker
  • elzockerero


    only thing worse than the players are the commentators...
  • hardy


    unfassbare kommentare. wieso seid ihr bronzeheroes bloss alle keine diamonds oder blackmembers hier?
  • lmrelvas


    Kohen played so bad in AK e TT hands. Very weak play.
  • Zivilist


    LOL the commentators are so superstupid...

    no idea how they got this job with that kind poker knowledge...
  • intezik


    where are some screens or cameras on the table coz we know what they had. (I watched only first 5mins)
  • BlackHorse84


    My eyes are bleeding.
  • nleeson111


    i didn´t know vamplew is a russian
  • vonzi0000


    lol the commentator says that the big blind shouldn't call in blind vs blind because he is out of position