TV World Championship - Heat 3

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Presented with and, enjoy the third heat of the PokerStrategy TV World Championship played in London with various community members - and stay tuned for more action at the studio in London.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third heat of the TV World Championship presented with & PokerHeaven!

    Please leave your thoughts & comments below!
  • slipkn6t


    Please stop translating Russian interviews into this absolutely wrong something. You are adding things which players never said. And are changing the whole meaning of the sentence, why are you doing that...
    Don't know about other languages, is it the same there?
  • sido222


    Commentators talking all the time about poker and the game and while all the talking happens they dont get the fact that bachilov folds AK after schultz called radocz' allin.
  • jfdezkoke


    esa voz la conozco... iepaaa que es zekesito. Lástima el flip. Saludos
  • ArranMJT1990


    neil channing top analyst nuff said
  • egopi


    @#2 and what did he said?