Zoom Poker: Introduction with Melvin

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Melvin gives us a quick-introduction to the new "Zoom" features within the PokerStars client and hit the tables briefly to fly through a few hands.


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  • Nivlem


    Hey Guys, hope you all like this introduction video to Zoom Poker. Please leave a comment!
  • Bzzz2906


    Let's Rush on Zoom.
  • TurnitAce


    lets see some live play videos..
    and also some coaching sessions
  • bbosstjan


    at #3:

    Here's a rush video you may want to take a look at:

  • Nivlem


    Thanks for your comments so far guys! We are currently looking at coaches who can create zoom poker video's. We should have something soon!
  • nvaz


    Nice intro.
  • ilovemagic


    hey there! please please do some live coachings. its much better then regular tables at micro stakes imo because of the volume of hands dealt and the lack of table dynamics and specific reads at these limits anyways, and more about value betting and learning when to fold.
  • jimmertron


    hi melvin
    will zoom make it easier to achieve points on stars? instead of playing 24 tables you could play 4 zoom tables and hit your vpp targets maybe?
  • Nivlem


    Hey jimmertron!

    Zoom can indeed make grinding a lot easier! as you play about 250 hands per table per hour, you only need to play 4 tables to play 1000 hands an hour!

    I'd say that you normally need to play 12 tables for that amount of hands in the same timeframe.
  • jimmertron


    thnx for the reply. defo sumthing to look into!