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The latest production from the Rainman - today he makes a hand replayer review of a heads-up match against a regular, specifically we will be given spots on advanced Heads-up Razz play, where Rainman will focus on imperative concepts for countering regular or solid players, and exploiting their tendencies.


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  • EuanM


    The latest production from the Rainman - today he makes a hand replayer review of a heads-up match against a regular,

    We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did & please do leave your feedback and comments for the Coach!
  • xkinghighx


    rly nice content. thx
  • YohanN7


    "Play the solid winning players, grind them down, then bust them" Wonderful!
  • samson11


    Enjoy all of RainmanTrail's vids, but unless you are on Gold status you are restricted to basically introductory vids to games other than Hold'em. I think this is unfair and i consequently believe that some of the vids in the gold status should be reduced to Silver status. Hope you will agree too!
  • RainmanTrail


    Hi Samson, I think it depends on what stakes I'm playing for the video (though I'm not 100% certain). I'll try to remember to make some low stakes videos for the non gold members.
  • samson11


    Thank you RainmanTrail! I look forward to turning my cents into dollars and with your vids I know that will be quite possible. I'm sure those with gold status are already gaining much from your coaching.
  • maciasowy


    do you use any tracker for stud/stud8/razz?
  • elpsycho


    Hi RainmanTrail!

    I have a question regarding the first hand, where you raise 456T on 4th street.
    If he raises us back and we brick on 5th and he improves, we'll have to fold our hand and we will lose additional 10$. So even if this play is 0 EV, it can easily become - EV on later streets. And also what is the difference between your thoughts on this hand and the one you discuss at 25:50?
  • RainmanTrail


    @8 No, I don't use a HUD typically, although there is one available called fpdb that you can research.
  • RainmanTrail


    @9, yes. that is absolutely correct. Raising here on 4th street is an intentional spew (albeit not much of one, it's actually pretty close to EV neutral). The reason it is a bit of a spew is because we may have to fold on the next street if the hand plays out the way you mentioned. However, I discuss the reasons for the raise prior to making it which are twofold: a) We want to give the impression that we are spewy because our villain is a solid opponent and b) our villain is not just solid, but he is PASSIVE. He will turn his hole cards face up for us. If however our villain were aggressive or spewy, then we would favor just calling him down. Also note that if he were spewy/aggressive and we did make this raise on 4th street and he reraised, I'm calling him down no matter what on 5th street as his range is any two cards down and NOT just good holdings.
  • RainmanTrail


    @9 As per your question regarding the hand at 25:50, there really is no comparison between the two hands. They fall under two entirely different categories. In the first hand, we had a T in the door vs his wheel card (he's raising 100% of his range here). Whereas in the 25:50 hand, we have a 3 in the door and he has a 2 in the door. Against a tight/passive regular that folds many of his hands in this spot, we immediately have to assume he has at least a 3 card T or better (that's his raising range here). This means that we need to put the brakes on here with our 923 whereas we would otherwise normally re-raise this hand on 3rd street.