TV World Championship - Heat 5

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Presented with and, enjoy the fifth heat of the PokerStrategy TV World Championship played in London with various community members - and stay tuned for more action at the studio in London.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy heat five and stay tuned for more action!

    Thoughts, feedback and comments welcome as always!
  • noemia


    Well done Mr. Hungary!!!
  • woodmo


    thx for spoiler :o ?
  • Deadbillis


    Cheers noe! All the suspense is gone now!
  • blonytair


    min 15:51.
    "He's bet 8thousand to win 4thousand"
    somebody should tell him, that the player in the SmallBlind has PAID the SB=2k already so "He's betting SIXthousand to win SIXthousand"
    I'm always surprised, how small the poker knowledge of TV-kommentators is. Michael Körner ftw
  • blonytair


    AQo vs. AKo = 25 : 75, not 33:66 ^^
  • Rolo23


    lol donkaments