TV World Championship - Heat 6

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Presented with and, enjoy the sixth heat of the PokerStrategy TV World Championship played in London with various community members - and stay tuned for more action at the studio in London.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the sixth heat!
  • kingwtf


  • Deadbillis


    Hand 4:44!!! pock 9s calls 1/2pot bet on a jack high board with one behind?????? Is this +ev???? Nice bet sizing on river though.
  • Deadbillis


    9:17... Lol massive missread! don't think I'm ever putting this down in a tourny!
  • Deadbillis


    Had my money on him winning!
  • Endurx


    11:15 wtf was that
  • Tim64


    Horrid fold of AK on KTxT vs 2nd barrel
  • Tim64


    'Stefan, what are you doing, man? You have a queen and a five... Clearly he's hoping [for a] QQ5 [flop]' Can't beat the Badbeat Chanster's commentary.
  • jimmybass


    Good fold AQ
  • RGOD2


    Why do I find myself disagreeing with Neil Canning ?
  • RGOD2


    Sorry the "H" was Silent .So I left it Out . Should there Be another L in Neil too ?