Conquering the Downswing

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In this production from Collin, the topic is Conquering the downswing. Enjoy as Collin provides his thoughts and advice on how to keep steady positive progress in our game.


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  • ickern


    Hey I´m on Tv
  • erlent


    no sound ?
  • Antonioull


    Audio ?
  • Donkab0mber


    Confirmed no sound
  • grindtolive


    maybe it is on purpose.I mean if we really understand what he want to say wihout audio then we can conquer the world :p
  • Nivlem


    Sorry guys! I'll see what went wrong and try to solve the issue!
  • EuanM


    Audio has been added - Enjoy the Video!
  • Jaschamc


    good joke
  • savage1981


    Knowing who you're playing against might help. N0sferatv and Uriel Septim are good regs, so shoving 98o into them wasn't that good. And ruslanitkin has played 8 games so far. So yeah, good luck at 100s.
  • Tombery


    no offense but the co-speaker is just annoying and ruins the video.
  • CollinMoshman


    Sorry about the initial audio issues everyone, glad they're resolved now though.

    #9 savage1981, What time in the video is the hand you're referencing? I'll be happy to take a look.
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Tombery, I appreciate your feedback but have to respectfully disagree, I thought Ickern did a great job and had very interesting insight.
  • DrPepper


    I gotta agree with #10 here. The problem with your co-speaker is that he can't really articulate what he wants to say. This makes the video a little exhausting to watch. It's still pretty interesting and it had some good spots to discuss.
  • ghaleon


    20:00 KTo I see what you try to get into there. Personally I would just shove, because SB is extremely risk averse. He should only call QQ+ even if we are shoving like close to 50%. Maybe he is bit wider and calls with JJ as well, but if we expect him to be decent reg he is never wider than that.

    Him showing 77+, AJ+ versus our minraise would be very loose and not sure who would be exploiting who at that point, heh. Also if BB is good reg he will still fold a lot even if he expect BU to fold decent amount.
  • ghaleon


    25:00 It is important to keep your line in balance versus decent opponent. Hero has played very aggressive minraise game and once he shove villain might make some assumptions on hero range. E.g. does he have top 15% in his shove range here when he has played minraise game before? Well of course when stacks start to get more shallow maybe hero is changing his whole strategy to push/fold. But I might think his shove range might be capped if he does play minraise first and then shove for e.g. 12-13 bb deep. Why he would not minraise his premium hands?
  • Tim64


    Cut the guy a break, guys. English is not his first language; he's doing his best.

    Collin, I got the sense from what ickern said that he had experienced a rapid rise through the limits ($15 to $100) starting last September and then a drastic fall which decimated his BR. I think this is not uncommon and I would definitely recommend getting a bigger sample of games before moving up. Or rather, being willing to move down if a shot at the $100s doesnt go well. Losing 60 bi at 60s/100s will be a big shock to the system and, as you say, is not that unlikely. Moving up very quickly (i.e. 'playing the rush') has the downside that one doesnt have long to prepare oneself for the differences between stakes. It's very easy to just feel out of your depth when you move up too quickly.

    Thanks, both; and good luck to Hero.
  • ickern


    Hey Guys! This is my bloddy first Video and it wasn´t easy for me to keep it in english. So i couldn´t express all my Lines, but i tried.

    # 14 yep ! A standard stealing situation (Bubble,Smallstack in bb) The worst line would be bet/call without any further reads.

    #15 Yey, my favourite line in Hu is an aggressive minbet thing. But if Villian starts to shove wider, i change to pof also with a stack over 12bb. You got only a short periode of time when you get exploded, so maybe its better to steal more then you should at the beginning. Of course if you play against a goodknowing player you use nash and thats it.

    #16 Ty. That´s the crucial point.
  • CollinMoshman


    #14 Ghaleon: Minraising or open-shoving will both be profitable, but I think many players in the SB will call and 3bet shove the same very tight range here given the stack dynamic and the high likelihood of having to showdown. Against these players, minraise/folding will have the same reward as openshoving the majority of the time when Villain doesn't wake up with a strong hand, but saves us some EV when he does. But you're right, it is definitely close.
  • CollinMoshman


    Comment above ^^ for KTo hand at 20:00.

    #14 Ghaleon: You're referring to the K2s hand in your comment right? That shove is unexploitable in the sense that he doesn't have enough hands to profitably call with even if he knows what we're shoving with. If we continue to minraise weak hands that are clear r/f's and strong hands that are clear r/c's, shoving a narrow range in the middle, there's no easy way for him to exploit us.

    Let me know if further questions/comments on this, thanks for your feedback and interesting/well-phrased comments.
  • CollinMoshman


    #16 Tim64: Great comments, thanks for posting.
  • DonCorleone369


    I have a question.. You talked about mostly raising Ax from BTN in the early stages unless the blinds are too laggy.. What about when our stack is between 20-30bbs (mid game?) and 13/15-20bbs.. would u still generally apply that same strategy assuming with are not yet on the bubble?

    What about CO in the early stages.. which Ax hands would u start raising on average/vs average blinds?.. I've always wondered about this one? :D

    Thx in advance and keep up the good work sir ! ;)
  • CollinMoshman


    Yes, against most players in the blinds, I'm raising AX hands at all the stack depths you list. From the cutoff, a decent "default" range would be A2s+, A7o+

    Hope that helps, and thanks for the nice words.
  • Gavron23


    Min 23+ - the HU minraising strategy.
    UrielSeptim is a reg, I don't think it is good to minraise every button against him unless he is very unobservant. Also a good question would be - if you raise 100% against regs what would youre calling of a 3bet range be? Because once a decent reg understands you minraise all hands against him he would start 3bet you lighter and if you don't adjust you will be the one being exploited.
  • ickern


    I play like this only at the beginning of the HU, because most regs need to categorize you first. So you got some "free" hands. If he plays back you have to change to pof and use the nashequilibrium. If not you don´t need to change anything.
  • iNspiRe


  • HariRadovan


    Hi Collin and Ickern, nice Video!
    I found the programm ROI-Simulator quite interesting, is there a link where you can download it?

    About Heros play: I think you play quite solid overall Ickern but your HU-play needs a lot of work. I think that this is your biggest leak. While one could get away with minraising every hand in the SB against some low-stakes-players I don't like that strategy at all at the high stakes where people will figure out quickly what you are doing. For me minraising every SB is basically the same as "straddeling", a thing I would avoid. Raise-calling pushes with hands like K2s and A2o is also not a good idea but because you raise every hand you will have problems folding these semi-weak hands because you don't know if your opponent has a real hand if he is pushing or if he is just tired of you raising all time.
    As a first start I would use the Sklansky-Chubukow-Chart for playing HU with 20BB or less so you play an unexploitable HU-style.
  • s0cru3l


    Hey, video was super.

    Sklansky-chubukov is not good.
  • IQ151


    I totally agree with #10. I had to stop the video because it was exhausting to listen to. I couldn't focus on the content. That is not personal and no offence. Ickern seems to be a nice guy. But just be because he is, hes should not be speaking in an english video, when he isn't able to speak at least fluent. That sould be the standart for platin video.