MTT $26 - 10k GTD Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $26
  • Fullring
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final table FullTilt Session Review

Comments (49)

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  • wormboy77


    Nice video, could you give link for this card mod for FT?
  • plaukas


    Nice. I hope there will be more MTT videos.
  • Tuuletallaja


    video crashes for me somewhere at 21:00, tried it 4-5 times
  • dathagi


    Same with me. Min. 21:19 is the end of this video. It's impossible to forward over this rigged part.

    Pls fix this =/
  • alejandrosh


    i tought it was my pc that crashed, also at minute 21
  • itsKsharp


    3:80 you have fold eq vs him if he dosnt have an ace..
  • geegame


    good vid ;)
  • SoyCD


    The video works for me... :o
  • mouse89


  • sliggy


    nice play nazgul. did you ever get your red stapler back?
  • skeetawomp


    i was really looking forward to seeing the whole video but it crashes around 21 minutes.. cooooooooooool
  • bacevr


    Good one, nazgul. Very insightful. I'd like to see some more MTT vids. It would be long, but you can select some key plays.

    Also, like #1, can u tell me how u made that table layout and setup ??
  • Bedoze


    Great vid with very interesting information on the reads and shoves.
  • Jambonant


    Great video, but I agree with some other players, more MTT video would be appreciated. Especially with those low buy-in the begining of the tourney are most of the time more important, untill you reach the buble. So seeing the begining of MTT would be appreciated!!
  • feinherb


    Ty for this video :)

    Verry interesting :) too bad you did not always followed your own style but he 3rd is nice result :)

  • 1seednoir1


    great video, no crash at all...
    Yeah we need more... more :D
  • Joenaes


    Thanx, I learned a lot from this!
  • tac3znarf


    nice video, we hope you can have more MTT videos, with different tourney stage such as the beginning, mid level, and final table.

    Thank you
  • looserbaby79


    more video pls good job thx
  • simich


    great video! Would appreciate a link to this FTP card mod as well, they look awesome!
  • BotiaKiraly


    did u give 5 dollars to that guy?
  • highsocietypro


    nice video can we have more MTT videos with some middle phase play??
  • Olorion


    great vid, thanks!
  • Robmeister


    very nice to watch!
  • svenyboy75


    welcher platz wurdest du? ich kann nur vier minuten sehen !! aber respekt schonmal dafür das du unter die top 10 gekommen bist
  • RacoonCity


    Some good knoweledge and solid play at the fianl table in MTT. U had a good read on your opponenets and u adjusted your play accordingly. Changing gears and becoming more aggressive with just 4 players left was a nice way to play.
    With A2o, a fold on the turn instead of an instant allin call was more correct, as u were dominated by any Ax or any flush. On the other hand, U could at least call nachos raise when holding A3 and being in the BB, and then reevaluate the value of your hand on the flop. By the way, U Winning an allin with 96 against 44 compensates for your lost with AK against AJ, so justice is done! Congratulations for your well deserved third place :-)
  • melezar


    that was very bad raise A2 lo but GG I like your game ;)
  • nowyouseeme


    half way through the a2 v aa last hand, the maniac comments that "he is coming first no worries". Aside from talking about life with his girlfriend, maybe he is giving the strength of his hand away with such a casual insight half way through the hand.

    Nice video, one of the most informative I have seen in many a long while. Should help my game. thanks
  • badgone6269


    very nice video and good player!! thank you
  • Flitzepipo


    lol es lebe das deutsche englisch: wc kid ;) double u kid wäre da schon richtiger... anyway
    nice video
  • Bekakilsz


    pot control A2off better
  • dianacornelisse


  • SoWe


    was isn das bei 27:20 oso?
  • FreakyCracker


    bbbbbrrrrrrr@aussprache und grammatik;-) content leidet auch enorm.trotzdem interessant
  • smallwali


    hab Tränen gelacht, bei 27:20 ;)
  • mark54


    Thank you where can have your lobby ? thank you
  • Bendiger


    was geht da bei 27:20 ab?!?! SCHNBRTZFZZKRR
  • malomartinez


    nice game...danke..but i dont understand why you made the last was waiting and reading so good the hands...maybe you was upset whit the maniac...anyway great coaching!!!thanks from Madrid
  • judgezZ


    lots of new knowladge :) thx
  • irobson


    it was very helpful .. thank you very much naz


    I am so sorry to make known this to public,but nazgul AKA nutmilkmouz is losing roughly $14000 on MTTs on FT ,actually he went down from +$21K to -$14K till june 2008 to june 2010 !
    I am not here to make some fuss or anything, but is it a player in which judgments we should trust ...?!
  • Necrophagist


    Nazgul, go 1v1 starcraft? :)
  • maindyo


    nazgul starcraft player ?:D


    слабовато )
  • Jehudas


    this awful german accent gives me a shiver...
  • co0kie1337


    haha :P @ #45 u should listen his german, it is a great mix with english terms :D quite funny, anyway nice vid
  • Harnas31


    thx , nice simple teaching
    Can you make some vid for silver status, ?
    At the moment when ante hits ?
  • b1zz


    last hand flop is imo a standard check back, pot control no worse hand can call, except for maybe a FD...
    Ul he had aces there, but otherwise wp
    and A3s resteal is close against him :)
  • gari178RNMD


    nice & simple!