NL SH $10 - Low to Mid Stakes Series Part I

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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  • TheBu11d0g


    Just finished watching this opening episode and wow. It really helped with my understanding and there was plenty of great tips. Definately well worth the wait. Keep up the great work Tribun.
  • slikec


    Man you got really a lot of premium hands in this video :D Good video thx,

  • wieslawlach


    Great video! I hope you are going to continue this series.

    Cheers from Poland
  • pokerafterdark


    Im so glad im not in this video lol hope they will be more for this limit and no limit 25 thanks frost.
  • redskwerl


    nice one, cant wait for the next one to come out :)
  • ethanrox


    Shoulda cut most of the s so slow flowing the game it s getting boring at one point.
  • defencex


    good job Tribun!
  • TribunCaesar


    @ Well, I wanted to explain everything in detail to give reasons of everything and not just saying do this or that. But I'll try to get faster to the point in the next videos.
    thnx for the comments guys
  • mouse89


  • thedahl


    could you play a session with stats at low limits? even though many don't have them, many do and would like to know what stats to use in SH situations. :D thank you
  • MJQuads


    I just have a question. About the J4 hand when you caught the full with dub 4's and a J on the table. Would you play the same as your opponent did with A4? I mean would you also go broke like him, or would you be able to fold earlier?
  • TribunCaesar


    Well, notice that he limped in from early position. I would never do that and would therefore never play against a tag in the BB who holds J4 ;)
  • killmepl


    nice vid for me, thx n waiting for more ;)
  • texbball33


    Nice vid, man. Good explanations and it's great to hear your thought process as you play.
  • batmanbg


    Nice video. Will be great if you play NL10 or NL25 with stats.
  • sebmanx



    I liked your video.

    I would like to know why you think that going broke with AKo is a -EV play. I like the 3bet, but would fold to a 4bet unless I have seen him 4betting light. the reason for this is simple: RAKE. FTP charges 10% Rake on NL10(which is why no one should play nl10 on FTP, but that's a different story). This means that going broke with AKo is about even when you have 49% Equity. I would like to see a 4betting range of Villain that would give us that Equity. Nl10 is so passive...there just are no bluff 4bets almost ever.

    let's say he is going broke with TT+ AQs+ AK.
    then you have 43%

    Therefore, without considerable reads on him, it is not bad luck to run into KK or is a huge part of his Range!!!

    Maybe you can comment on that.

    Other than that...nice vid ;)
  • sebmanx


    sorry....I meant why you think it is +EV to go broke with AKo
  • TribunCaesar


    @16: As explained in the vido, villain is a loose bad player. My range for him to 4bet me would be: 88+, AQ+ - and that's tight range ;)
  • monca01


    Nice vid TribunCesar, I really like your videos, you explain everything clearly. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • jkohatsu


    From a noob to new Bronze players:

    You probably are amazed of what you just saw; lets get studying! (this is the first video ive seen in the bronze section)

    Every situation presented in the video has "language" that has to be: a)understood by heart
    b)become part of your current "poker knowledge" enough for you to articulate it in game

    And it has led me into other factors that i had not yet considered... but that's a different story.

    Great job man, appreciate it. I'm gonna look into tools, not because i think i'll be able to use them properly but because i think they'll broaden the concepts i have about the game.

    Thanks a bunch.

    ...and Mickey; stay out of those casinos!
  • holdemlt


    It's definitely too slow. I took a break at 00:20:00, just because it all began to sound like "blah blah blah" over and over again. You have some nice points here, but it would be enough play the tables in real time and just say something like "i raise AK here, but would fold AJ and lower", there's no need talk about each and every action for 200 seconds or so.

    Anyway, good job, waiting more (especially that you promised the next one to be faster paced) ;-)
  • lyly13


    #21 that's not true, he explained every situation very well and it's better that he paused a lot because this is a video for beginers ,even i paused and rewinded some parts because u may think u know what he did and say yea that's easy i'll remember that and after an hour when u begin u're sesion u forget everything and make mistakes.
    Very nice vid tribun keep up the good work
  • dubblinup


    I agree with #22 lyly13, nice video very informative.
    It was long, but regardless it was very informative and his actions were justified.

    ~thumbs up~
  • BoyRobot777


    very good video ! helped a lot, hope you make more of them :)
  • Altechan


    Great work, with great explanations and it´s easy to follow your thought process; really different from many in the German section!

    Just keep this pace.
  • Aurelijus


    I like Tribun videos, he's very good explain situations and make you think at game its very important!
  • usun


    Very nice video, very helpful!
  • flopraiser


    Excellent, explained very well the reasons behind each and every move.
  • Xorkrik


    Very nice video. One that shows the good solid tag style one need at the micros. "Bet bet bet" :) They'll think your bluffing half the time anyway..
  • BechorMahluf


    great video,except for the suck out with the aces and 3's,it was funny but sad as well,great video,keep it going :)
  • Justawesome


    Great Vid!
  • kaleira


    A Great video thanks TribunCesar!!
  • Endurx


    awesome movie
  • Chmielu007


    nice one
  • IustiNN


    nice video,thanks
  • FalconEx


    Very helpful and motivating video to watch. I especially like the topic about value bets and not being stuck on bad beats. Enjoyed watching!
  • matiapag


    great video, really helpful, but if it's possible, you could just use your voice kinda... more? I mean sometimes I had problems to understand your last words of the sentence, but it's not a big deal, because I've always seen your move :) Keep doing this good job ;)
  • linxiuer


  • ro1chwvd


    +1 for the "Too slow, boring, too many and not quite clear explanations", other then that, good tips, nice vid.
  • maphacks


    min41: why do u still cb the turn? i see him calling a 9 or a weak J. if he has a draw he will call as well but he will fold that on the river .so id prefer to bet on the turn to keep some draws in. what do think about this?
  • Oly0909


    I'm not commenting videos usualy, but here I have to say it's a great video for me. It's not explained what to do in certain situation but why to do it and why not to do something else, and it's so slow you can concentrate on every hand played. I definitely will watch it few more times and would like to see more such videos for SH beginners.
  • n0rlz


    I liked the video a lot mainly because you are not overthinking(which is definitely done by many coaches which try to explain these limits) and also everyting you explain is pretty understandable for begginers :)
    Thank you !
  • zumpar


    I dont think it makes sense to just plug in an X% fish's standard openlimping range vs your equity preflop, you have to disregard some monster hands like JJ+, AQ+ etc.. as
    well as add some weak-ish hands fish love to limp with like 74s,K4s, A2o, 32s etc.... If u do this, you will see your equity goes up from 56% (or whatever it was, i dont exactly remember) to ~65%. You have to do this manually, cant just plug in a percentage.

    My 2 cents ;)

    All in all, the video was great, i love your approach, and just like @42said, not overthinking stuff.
  • Cosmoden


    nice job