Crushing the 45-Man

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7
  • Fullring
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Collin presents a video concerning how to beat the 45-Man Sit & Goes. The $7 tournament is reviewed in the hand re-player where he makes comments on selected hands played throughout the tournament with topics ranging through marginal hands in post-flop spots, shoving with wide ranges and isolation shoving, mid-stacking the bubble and general adjustments to make for the 45-Man payout structure.


hand history review ICM

Comments (25)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Video and please do leave your thoughts & feedback for Collin!
  • Tanneftw


    first :)
    thanks for this one!
  • ghaleon


    4:30 77. Clear fold, but in these sort of spots it might be very valuable if you would add short comment on what range you would continue with while making in game decision. So no need for any precise SNG wiz analyze or anything. What do you think?
  • ghaleon


    Previous one was bit unneeded comment. You were doing that nicely in video overall. Good vid :)
  • neverfoldTP


    Wow, Hero's really super weak-tight.
    I have a question:

    @32:00 the very short BB called the allin. Was this a good decision?
    Wouldn't it be better for him to fold most of his his hands here praying that hero's getting knocked out by the Bigstack and the BB himself is moving up one step in the prize money.
  • gavinonymous


    at 28:30 A6s: is stop and go ever an option? possibly with different stacks, or is it always shove over or fold here.
  • bradomurder


    Good vid, good length too, I would like to see more this length, so many are closer to an hour now
  • melanoleuca


    in 8:40 i don;t agree with the t6o fold. It should be a shove, the nash suggest you shove t8o, however even most regs won;t call hero w t9o 98s, so t6o is a shove.

    I think hero in this vedio is playing too tight.
  • janausberlin


    mathematically good poker but i cannot agree to the topic of this video. "crushing the 45-man" sounds like , hey guys play like this and u always win. thats nonsense. typically u will not cash in many of these even if u play best poker. this has to be said here. i miss the videos where all the suckout badbeats are shown and u are out early. excample please? here we go. played yesterday 2.50 180er and was out with KK vs K9s and 99, preflop all in, stacksize around 6-7BB each. ouch.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Tanneftw: Thanks!

    #3/4 Ghaleon: Roughly TT/AQs/AK in that spot. Good point, thanks.
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 Melanoleuca: An exploitive shove there against players calling too tight is a fine play, and I agree that Hero misses some spots in the video.

    #9 Janausberlin: I agree that "Crushing" is a hype word but for putting in a title I don't think it implies someone will always win.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 NeverfoldTP: I would call here getting such overwhelming odds rather than hope to ladder up a spot with almost no chance of finishing any better than that.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Gavinonymous: Yes stop 'n go, or flatting with the plan of sometimes c/r'ing or c/f'ing could be a reasonable plan, good point.

    #7 Bradomurder: Thanks, very glad you enjoyed the video.
  • madein1984


    11:46 in my experience you have those nitty regs who always minopen the nuts there and instashove some other hands, so you really basically should 3betshove very tight, and then you have the loose regs and not so experienced players who open wide and fold a lot. Against the second group of players it is a clear shove to me with ATo, and we can shove a lot wider than that. I think ATo should be a default shove against unknown.
  • madein1984


    22:05 I don't think it's that easy when deciding whether or not to isoshove. The stacksize of the shorty is very important. If we push firstin, a lot of the value comes from taking all the dead money without a showdown. With this shorty, we generally only get a portion of that dead money, because the shorty is gonna take it down more than half of the time. To me, this is a fold with the shorty being in.
  • CollinMoshman


    #14/15 Madein: Nice analysis on the AT, agree that it's definitely player-dependent and notes can be very helpful for that.

    For the T5 folding is fine, but it is important to iso-shove very wide in spots like that. If the big blind folds, it can be a great spot even if the shorty wins over 50%. So a hand like T6s I would almost always shove there.
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks, good video..
  • scaix


    is this a turbo sng ?
  • crazittle


    hi collin,
    great vid as usual.

    i am confused these days that whether i should open shove low AXo hands from early positions to middle positions with ~8-10bbs even after antes kicked in. i prefer to shove some SCs or any hands that may have decent equity when get called. do u think AXo hands are better to shove with than something like T9s?
  • Salivanth


    Hi Collin: Where can I get that Nash chart you refer to at certain points in the video? I've tried Googling it, but have only come up with HU ones.


    This is the way we should play ... BRUTAL
  • aafrancis


    great video :)

    we want nore 45 men videos :)
  • Yoghurt1973


    @22 totally agree ->turbo's preferably

    ROI is nice fill up much quicker than 180's
  • Laci24


    Thanks for the video!