The $7 Sit & Go: Tight to Loose

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Collin presents "From Tight to Loose" where a user review is conducted of a $7 Sit & Go on PokerStars. Hero is a identified as a tight-aggressive player, and Collin will for this reason, look at spots where Hero could have made a looser play - or if a loose play is more optimal.


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Comments (15)

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  • EuanM


    An intense video from Collin Moshman looks at the $7 Sit & Go. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think - Collin awaits your thoughts & feedback!
  • Bartmannn


    50$ MTTs are released as "silver" and 7$ SNGs are "gold" content? Whats the deal?
  • xFlake


    Video is duble length.
  • MintberryC


    How are 7$ SnG's ever gold content? Is that really only because it is Colin Moshman who makes them?

    Please, make this a silver video! That would be very much appreciated!


  • Harleyps


    Amazing video MR. Collin! I've be waiting for something like this!
  • melanoleuca


    in 26:30 i think it is resteal shove, the sb seems like a reg according to his bet size, if we had his history know he will steal loose on the situation(some tight reg just minirasie for trap), then to me it is almost an ATC resteal shove in this spot, assuming he raise 50%, and call 8%, we gain almost 2big blind in average in this spot without the icm tax concern. Is my argument correct?
  • melanoleuca


    in 26:30 i think it is atc resteal shove spot, sb seems like a reg, if we know him steals 50% ,and just call 8%, I think the shove will give us almost 2bb in average without icm tax concern. Is my argument correct?
  • CollinMoshman


    Pokerstrategy is the one who makes the decisions on the status level, but I'm happy to pass on this feedback.

    #5 Harleyps: Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #6/#7 Melanoleuca: Based on 50% open and 8% call, I would definitely believe it's a nicely profitable 3bet shove. If we're wrong on those ranges though, it pretty quickly becomes a spew to shove there. So I agree with what you're saying and should have given more consideration to a shove, just be careful that you have your opponent pegged carefully before shoving in spots like that.
  • cassiusclay22


    niiice vid collin. i exclusivly play 6 max so i'm lookin' forward to see some 6max content from u soon.

    nevertheless, i enjoy every video from u! some times i even 'abuse' ur videos to calm down after a tilt session. the way u talk about the game combinded with ur voice really helps me to focus again.

    sounds strange but works out.

  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Cassiusclay22: Thanks and my vids help to detilt, maybe I should take up hypnosis :) I normally focus on 9man, MTTSNG, and HUSNG content but will try to incorporate some 6max too -- appreciate the feedback.
  • Tanneftw


    thank you very much, one of the best videos on! very very helpful!
    I´m looking forward to more videos like this, i would love to see something similar for the 18/45 man sngs as they have changed too. I know there are mt sng videos from you, i have been devouring them since you started making videos for, but whats interesting here is your approach to point out exactly the absolutely mendatory spots to loosen up. I was, at some points, scared to implement your LAG style you showed in other videos into my game because it is sometimes difficult to find out the spots which are mendatory and the ones which are just your (btw, super cool) style and which are sometimes too difficult to play on on later streets and become minus ev then if i play them :)

    Do you do private coachings?
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 Tanneftw: Thanks, really appreciate the nice words and feedback. Glad the content is helping you find some good spots to loosen. And while I definitely have MTTSNG videos on Pokerstrategy, I'm happy to make more of them.

    PM me regarding private coaching.
  • powerpouw


    Many thx from me too collin!
  • Th0m4sBC


    Great Video from Collin. I like that you keep 'your way' of explaining every possible angle that you see and not just try to justify some action of Hero instead. I somehow allows a red line to move trough every single video of yours.
    Looking forward to catch more of your videos!