Saying Farewell to Chart Poker - Part 5 (dubbed)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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This is a dubbed video from the german community. In this Video Series our coach KTU will show you how to get away from simple Chart Poker. He shows how to adapt on certain villians and how you include that in your overall gameplan. This Videoseries will be a mixture between theory and hand review!


Saying Farewell to Chart Poker series Theory Video

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  • Nivlem


    Enjoy part 5 of KTU's Sayin Farewell to Chart Poker.

    Please leave your questions and feedback about the video in the comment section below.
  • veriz


    Great stuff!

    Only thing I disagree is 18:10, where you are talking about set mining with 55 is not possible. Why?

    1) He is overall pretty solid and tighter so far on the SB, avg 3bet most likely is also rather low which allows actually us to set-mine. If he had it very high then I agree that it's going to be difficult.
    2) We have position, which makes our set mining even more profitable whilst we can just call and keep his range wide in case we do hit. (Which actually should have been done here and you pointed out)
    3) We are actually not 100bb deep but we are rather deeper here. We are ~140bb deep which means the implied odds are even better.
    4) For standard 3bet pots vs tight 3bettors we are capable of using Call15 rule as I usually recommend for players but that has also to mean that he has that kind of 3bet and not against BTN or whatsoever. But here we are even getting 20:1 which makes it even more realistic to set mine.

    Keep those videos coming, you have an interesting way to produce them!
  • wojtekkk25


    great job, i see many films and this one the best
  • gp00053


    I agree with

    #2 veriz, 12 Jul 12 17:11 comments for the same reason

    By the way Great Series. I hope you do more
  • DeMarcohsp


    @ 55 hand I agree with veriz that set mining is possible, though against strong player I think it is marginal since the nit will not stack off light postflop imo.

    I do think calling flop is best against tight 3bettor like we have. Interesting to discuss how would playing against a 13% range changes this.

    @56s hand.
    As played I would fold turn since imo this kind of player is not raising anything worse than our hand here. He has 16 combos of 34, 5 combos of sets and I dont think that with his stats and fish in the pot he raises any draws on the flop.
    Personally I think I would call flop and check/fold the turn.Don't think he is value betting worse with the ace hitting.

    As played I agree with all your reasons and we have to go with the hand imo even though it really sucks the board is A high.
    I would personally squeeze myself since UTG has very wide range (I think you mentioned 21%) and I can get a good amount of the time HU with the fish and avoid being squeezed by the SB.

    I agree that we have to develop a 4bet flatting range here though I don't know if it's worth 5betting AA/KK preflop, maybe just KK. I think we must have some AA in our flatting range since it is going to be very hard to defend enough combos on many board textures if we don't have some strong hands like AA as a default.

    On the flop it sucks that this board texture smashes his range. I gave ourselves a 13% flatting range which I think it is reasonable and we have middle pair+ or oesd/fd 60% of the time. And we still have 99/88 and all our gutshots to pick from.