Freebie: Bluffing in Sit & Goes - Low Blind Bluffing

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Collin kicks-off his three part mini series with a video concerning spots where we may be able to profitably bluff, or within a given situation in a Sit & Go. Collin firstly looks at scenarios where we should avoid bluffing, to determine in which spots we can profitably do so, while the blinds are still low.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video with Collin - please leave any thoughts or questions you may have about the video!
  • EuanM


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  • sileekhunt



    Cheers for the vid.
  • Piuslinchen


    thanks! thats Content!!!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks sileekhunt and Piuslinchen, very glad you guys enjoyed the video.
  • DonCorleone369


    short vid but higly + EV. Keep up the good work sir! ;)
  • muumionu


    thank you!
  • Harumamburu


    I don't get about bluffing cards vs reg in last example. If we have to choose hands to bluff, are there worse hands than JTs? If hero range has 86o or 5s6s hands, may be better to bluff lover hands than JTs?

    (If there any possibility that reg checks back missed dro and folding missed dro vs bet, is it better to have lover hands in bluffing range and bring JT to showdown)

  • kiromanAAKK


    The video is removed!

    Any chances to have back please?

    TY :)
  • 81104


    #9 +1 Thanks!
  • samni


    Video deleted?
  • Tim64


    Only 1 question: in the last example where we have JTs, you mention we should bluff our worst 7 hands on the riv (b/c they have most to gain). I assume that is b/c our better hands will have more sdv?
  • KawaNinja2


    Example 1: A fish would never fold to a second barrel on the turn if he hit the flop.
  • bashpepe89


    very good video
  • RogerFederer17


    I guess he is right with the last (complicated) example, because we played the hand, the whole times, the exact same way as we would have played AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ, 99, 77. Since we consider the Villain to be a reg and therefore a good player, I would expect him to read that this is the way that we would play the hands above. So if he has a missed draw or anything less then toppair topkicker, he will fold, and I think that this will be the case often enough for this to be a +EV spot to bluff (about 1/2 pot) There is always the possibility that the Villain has one of the hands above and was calling for value and will therefore 3-bet our river bet, but in that case it is easy to get away since we have J high.
  • venusprotein


    Nice video Colling, you're a crack!
  • thyagofas


    Why I should have have 3 value hands for each 1 bluff hand
  • yetAnotherUsername