Saying Farewell to Chartpoker - Part 6 (Dubbed)

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This is a dubbed video from the german community. In this Video Series our coach KTU will show you how to get away from simple Chart Poker. He shows how to adapt on certain villians and how you include that in your overall gameplan. This Videoseries will be a mixture between theory and hand review!


Saying Farewell to Chart Poker series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the sixth part with KTU - a special thanks to p0rkus for the dubbing!

    Don't forget to leave your thoughts & feedback about the video here!
  • Darkyd10


    *bows to the awesome coach*
  • Grottesco


    Title says part VI, video says part VII, also the title doesn't say it's dubbed :D
  • EuanM


    @ #3 - One episode was left out of the series, hence this is the 6th video, but the 7th part of the series.
  • YohanN7



    Isn't that formula at 3:50 the Lagrangian density of the Standard Model? Poker is not easy...

  • gp00053


    Great video, and Great series. Very informative. Hope you do more.

    The 56s hearts is a hand where when it works out you're a genius, when it doesn't your a donk.:>)
  • Shakaflaka


    Please, don't stop translating this series!!!
  • luca02


    Any more videos from KTU?