Bluffing in Sit & Goes 2 - Mid-Blind

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Collin continues his three part mini series with a second video concerning spots where we may be able to profitably bluff, or within a given situation in a Sit & Go. Collin firstly looks at scenarios where we should avoid bluffing, to determine in which spots we can profitably do so, while in the mid-stages of the blinds.


bluff bubble thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part from Collin in the Bluffing in Sit & Goes series - stay tuned for the final part coming soon!

    Your thoughts & feedback about the video are welcomed as always!
  • ghaleon


    5:20 sample. If SB is strongish reg I would be somewhat carefull with resteals. It is such obvious offer for bubble abuse in spot where he has relatively little to gain from getting blinds that danger of trap is pretty huge imo. It is still perfectly reasonable for him to open shove most of hands he wants to play with his stack and antes in play.
  • CollinMoshman


    Good point Ghaleon, against a good reg that is something to watch out for and note how he plays in situations like that.
  • 00DMND


    A good & reproducible presentation.