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Collin concludes his three part mini series with the final video concerning spots where we may be able to profitably bluff, within a given situation in a Sit & Go. Collin firstly looks at scenarios where we should avoid bluffing, to determine in which spots we can profitably do so, while heads-up.


bluff bubble thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final part from Collin in his series concerning Bluffing in the Sit & Go - part three concludes the series with a take on Heads-up bluffs.

    Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!
  • 00DMND


    Good job...the very intresting thing about having an unexploitable Bluffing Frequency specialy in hu is (as far as i experienced so far ;-) ) that the bluffing Frequency itself has to follow some sort of game-sequences also to be and stay unexploitable in that game and in the long run:

    -first...(in the context of having enough value hands in relation to the odds we offering the opponent) once done in a *proper* way, it seems that the longer the actual-game last the more the Y axis is getting to the x axis...that means later on during the game it works even with near 1:1 (valuehand/bluff) even though the odds are still 2:1 in a individual situation...thats what i discovered very often...this *relative* conclusion was a tremendous one to me as i discovered it and tuned it as much as i could and still do!..;-).
    the interaction has a huge impact with the value/bluff ranges the longer the game lasts.

    -second and ofcourse somehow logical...often villians tilted suddenly wayyyyyy faster on the road or at least somehow to a certain degree as a wrong consequence to a so called way stronger & unexploitable hero ;-).This is what i would call "the breaking point in any hu"
    At this point if hero change gears properly quick enough before getting catched and offers lets say 3:1 or 4:1 value/bluff ratio,then not only that he will pretty solid often win the game, he will also lever his unexploitable game in the long run.

    so bluffing with the *right* frequency
    in the *right* way, is nowadays an huge edge-maker & ko producer specially in hu.

    keep up the good work.
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 00DMND: I definitely agree that based on your opponent and how he's playing at the time (which often changes as the match progresses), you'll often want to have relatively more or fewer bluffs in your range. E.g. Against a tilted player who's stopped folding, you can respond exploitively by betting only for value. Hope that answers your question and thanks for the nice words and interesting comments.